martes, 10 de diciembre de 2013

Christmas cards

Hello everyone!
Today at home, it was the time to write the Christmas cards for the family and friends, 
we want to make it on time for Christmas Eve!
In my case, I have not only written, but I have also designed and created them. 
I always prefer to give something made ​​with my own hands, if it´s possible, than something
we can just buy anywhere, I feel it´s more special that way, but nowadays we can find
great things at shops, so it depends if you have time.

So today I thought this was a good topic for the Blog, and I found great ideas over the 
internet for handmaking Christmas cards.
I had a great time making mines, so if you decide to make yours too, hope any of these
ideas will help you!

Christmas card decorated with Washi tape.
Very cute and fashionable.
Beautiful Christmas tree made with a red ribbon.
I find it very original and easy to make.
This is one of my favorites. A simple brown Christmas card decorated
with a beautiful ribbon. I think this will be mines next year.
This Christmas decorated with hanged fabric mittens, is 
a very cute idea and quite cheap.
Just need some fabric to make the mittens, rope, clamps
and glue.
This one is pretty simple, but it still looks nice.
Just use some fabric to make the tree shape and place them
on the cardboard.
This one is very similar to the previous one, but in this case we used the
fabric to make small gift boxes.
The result is beautiful.
This Christmas card decorated with green buttons is simple and perfect.
If you want to know how to make, just keep reading.
You just need: A couple of buttons, the color and size is up to you, 
pencil, glue and a ribbon.
Follow the pictures on your way to make it.
Christmas decorated with embroidery.
Prepare some wool and a needle, and knit your
own Christmas card.
Let it snow... just this short sentence, makes me feel the Christmas
Simple is sometimes the best.
If you want to add some candy, just do it! The result can be great!.
I love brown cardboard cards and envelopes.
This year is actually my election for the envelopes, and
I couln´t be happier with the result.
In this case, they wanted to make it even more personal, by
using the Japanese wooden templates to make their own envelopes.
I love this idea, specially because in TWC shop, we have those templates
as the one in the picture, but other options too.
They are great for making the Christmas cards, and also as a present
for this Christmas.
Check them out
We send to all Canada.
Hope you´ve enjoyed this post!

See you soon!

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