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Washi tapes  
I am quite sure that some of you are wondering now what is the meaning of washi tape and why I am focusing my post on it.
Let me explain.

A little bit of the history to start with
The washi tape phenomenon started in the year 2006 in Japan, and everything happened because a japanese art group asked a tape producer to create some tapes with different designs.Those drawings were made by them, and that is how the washi tape was born.

Although at the beginning only 20 colors were used, nowadays we can find them in multiple colors, shapes, designs etc...

But what is a washi tape exactly?
First of all I want to show a picture of the product itself so you can understand better what I am talking about.

Washi tapes with different colors and designs 

If I have to give a short explanation of what is a washi tape, I would say it's a high quality tape made with rice paper.
The word is coming from the japanese language, literally it means japanese paper.
Wa- means japanese
Shi- means paper

This tapes are quite easy to use.You can use them more than once, also you can write on them and create any design you want, you just have to use your imagination (anyway later on I am going to show you some examples)

Are they expensive?
We could say that nowadays considering their recent creation, they are not, but I believe in 2006 when only a few existed, they were difficult to find and they were sold with a much higher price.

Fortunately that is not the case anymore, and now we can find them in almost every country or if not anywhere in the internet.
Actually a few days ago I got my first washi tapes, I bought them online in a store called mermelade store (you can visit their blog on  http://blog.mermelade.com ) and I can not wait to start using them for my own creations. 

Let´s make our own designs with them
As I said the number of designs we can make with them are infinite, but since I guess most of people haven´t used them yet, I want to help you by showing some examples, so by the time you start your own creation, you are completely sure of what you want to make and how you can get there.

Designs for the house

Before and after using the tapes in a bathroom. We can go from a boring one to a fun new look.

Corridor decorated with Washi tapes. In this case they also made flowers to give a different fresh look.

Here they used bright color tapes combined with polka dots.
For a store I think is a great idea.

Small decorations.
We can also create our own small decorations for our house.
This white flower´s base look much better with this colorful decoration and we can really make as many versions as we want to.

In this case they used the tape to replace a photoframe. I think is a great idea so we can really get the frame we want and is a cheaper option.

A boring white wall can become the best place to set our imagination free and draw or write whatever we like.

If you have some photoframe and you are tired of it, you don´t have to get a new one, just use some tape and make your own special one.

This small candles that we can find almost everywhere, look much better as in the picture. 
I am sure your guest will me amazed when they see them.

You can make your own coasters, so each one can have a different look.
I will definitely make some of this

If you really like washi tape
For those who are crazy, or just got crazy about washi tape thanks to my post, you can enjoy them wherever you go.
I chose two ideas.

You can decorate your laptop and make something personal and unique.
Or you can also decorate your phone and enjoy it everywhere you go.

So what do you think about this japanese tapes?
Will you get some and decorate something you have at home?

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martes, 26 de febrero de 2013

Washi tapes 
Seguramente os estéis preguntando ahora mismo qué significa washi tapes y por qué estoy dedicando un post a ello.
A continuación os lo voy a explicar.

Una breve historia para empezar
El fénomeno de los washi tapes empezó en Japón en el año 2006 y todo porque un grupo de artistas japoneses pidieron a un fabricante de allí de cinta adhesiva que fabricara esas cintas con los dibujos y diseños que ellos mismos les presentaron.
Al principio solo existían 20 colores, pero luego se extendió tanto el uso que ahora podemos encontrar millones de colores y dibujos.

¿Pero qué son los washi tapes?
Primero os voy a enseñar unas fotos para que conozcaís el producto y después os seguiré dando más detalles.
Washi tapes de colores y dibujos

Para daros una explicación breve, un washi tape es una cinta adhesiva de alta calidad hecha con papel de arroz.
Wa- significa japonés
Shi-  significa papel

Las washi tape son muy fáciles de usar, además son reutilizables, puedes escribir sobre ellas, y hacer cualquier tipo de diseño ó dibujo con ellas, tu imaginación es tu mejor aliado a la hora de usarlas.

¿Son caras?
Hoy en día no son caras, aunque hace unos años lo podían ser un poco, pero ahora las podemos encontrar en muchas tiendas y no tienen para nada un precio alto.
Yo hace unos días compré unas cuantas por internet exactamente en una tienda que se llama  mermelade store (podéis visitar su blog en http://blog.mermelade.com ) y ya estoy deseando que me lleguen para hacer mis propios diseños, y aprovecho para anunciar que pronto empezaré un apartado que tratará sobre mis propias creaciones, y es que ya tengo cositas que quiero enseñaros.

Diseños con las washi tapes
Son infinitos los diseños que podemos hacer con ellas, pero para aquellos que nunca las han utilizado creo que es mejor enseñaros unos ejemplos para que así podáis ir tomando notas y tener una base a la hora de crear el vuestro propio.

Diseños para la casa

Cuarto de baño decorado con washi tape en tonos azul y malva.

Pasillo completamente decorado con washi tapes en colores verdes y blanco.
Además han creado unas flores en colores rojas también con estas cintas.

En este caso han utilizado washi tapes con dibujos de rallas y de lunares (polka dots)
en tonos pasteles.
Para una tienda, me parece una gran idea.

Detalles para decorar
También podemos crear pequeñas cosas para colocarlas en cualquier lugar de la casa.

Los jarrones blanco decorados con las cintas le dan un toque totalmente nuevo.
Yo propongo hacer algo similar con los maceteros de las plantas, ya que suelen ser bastante simples y monocromáticos.

En este caso han querido crear el efecto de un marco sobre la pared.
Para una habitación de una persona joven o de niños me parece un idea perfecta.

Letras sobre la pared creadas con la cinta.

También podemos decorar marcos y darles un toque alegre.

Las velas de colores me encantan,se puede crear una amplia variedad a un económico precio.

Pinzas de la ropa decoradas. Así podemos pasar de tener unas pinzas aburridas de madera, a tener unas con un toque original.

Posavasos decorados con washi tape

Para los fanáticos de la washi tape
Para aquellos que os fascinan estas cintas, he encontrado dos ideas para que podáis disfrutar de las washi en casi todos los sitios a los que vayáis.

Podéis decorar vuestro portátil con estas cintas y así hacer de el algo personal y único.

También podéis decorar vuestro móvil y así disfrutar de vuestro diseño en todos sitios.

¿Qué os han parecido estas cintas traídas desde Japón?
Espero que os animéis y probéis a usarlas y me enseñéis vuestros diseños.

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lunes, 25 de febrero de 2013

Eames rocking chair, RAR.

In my post today I am going to introduce you one of the most famous chairs in the World, for those who does not know about it, and for those who are a fan like me, I am going to try to expand your knowledge.

Like the title says, Eames Rocking chair, is the name of this chair, and it was designed in 1948 by Charles and Ray Eames.

First of all I am going to show you a picture, so you know exactly what I am talking about.

The chair was introduced to the public for first time in the Museum or Modern Art in New York City, in 1948, same year as when it was designed.

Describing the chair
If we watch the picture above carefully and we look at the base, does it reminds you of something? 
I am sure some of you know what I am talking about, but those who are not that sure will see it very clearly in a second. The base is inspired by the famous Eiffel Tower.

The seat shell shape was formed by fiberglass and dyed resin, and rockers were made with maple wood.

Later on, they started to use plastic for the shell, because they realized that plastic could be molded into organic shapes that would conform to the shape of the body.

Also this chair is 100% recyclable.

Nowadays the chair is an icon of the modern design, but back in 1968 Herman Miller stopped the production, and it was not until 30 years later when the chair started his way to what is consider now. 

Why this chair is so famous?
Those who had the chance to sit on it, they described it as, beautiful, technologically advanced and very comfortable. We can not ask more for a chair right?

Also this is the kind of chair that we would like to put in the most comfortable place of our house, since they are perfect for reading a book while you have a coffee, for rocking a baby, or just to relax for a while.

The chair comes in different colors, here I show an example of them.

If we have to say something negative about it, this will be the price. It´s true that not everybody can have this precious chair at their homes, but don´t get crazy searching for the price right now, because I have a solution for you.
There are many shops online where you can find a great replica. The quality of them are close to the real one, and they look almost or exactly the same as the original. So if you are willing to have this chair at home, but you are not willing to spend that amount of money,you can get one of those.

Now I am going to show you some pictures where the chair is set in different rooms of the house, so you can decide which place you like better.

In a corner of our bedroom
In the kids room
In the living room. Personally here is where I think it looks best. We usually spend more time in the living room, so I think is a great place to enjoy it and also I am sure our guest will be fascinated with it.

More about Eames.
Apart from the Rocking chair, we can find a large variety of chairs designed by this couple.
Among all of them I chose two.


This one is very similar to the Rocking one. The shell is exactly the same but the base is different.


This one has in common with the Rocking the Eiffel Tower shape base, but it does not come with the shell shape seat.
It is commonly use by companies for their meeting room.

So what do you think about my post? Would you get this chair for your house?

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sábado, 23 de febrero de 2013

Eames rocking chair, RAR.

En mi post de hoy voy a daros a conocer una de las sillas más famosas del Mundo para aquellos que no la conozcáis y para aquellos que sois fan como yo, os voy a comentar un poco de su historia.

Como dice el título de mi post, Eames rocking chair, es el nombre de la silla y fue diseñada en 1948 por  Charles y Ray Eames un matrimonio de diseñadores.

Aquí os dejo unas fotos para que a continuación entendáis mejor la historia y los detalles.

Esta silla fue presentada por primera vez en el Museo de Arte Moderno de Nueva York en el mismo año en el que fue diseñada.
Si nos fijamos en la foto y miramos las patas, ¿os recuerdan a algo? Seguro que a algunos sí, y es que la base simula a la Torre Eiffel de París.
El asiento por entonces estaba hecho con plástico reforzado de fibra de cristal y la madera de la mecedora es de arce.
Hoy en día el asiento es de plástico pero esta idea no pensemos que es de la actualidad, fueron ellos mismos quienes decidieron empezar a usar este material porque pensaron que el anterior limitaba demasiado su producción, además de ser más moldeable.

En 1968 Herman Miller (empresa estadounidense fabricante de muebles) cesó la producción de la silla.
30 años más tarde la silla fue reintroducida y se solidificó como decoración infantil de alta gama.
Hoy en día es un mito del diseño y decora cualquier lugar de las casas de los dueños.

¿Pero por qué esta silla es tan famosa?
Los que la han usado la describen como bonita, tecnológicamente avanzada e innovadora y muy cómoda. La verdad que no se le puede pedir mucho más a una silla ¿no?

Además es el tipo de silla que querrías poner en el lugar más acogedor de la casa, y es que son perfectas para leer un buen libro mientras tomas un café, para balancear a un bebé o simplemente para relajarte un rato.

También cuenta con diferentes versiones ya que la podemos encontrar en diferentes colores.
Aquí os dejo unos ejemplos.

Si algún pero le tuviéramos que poner, este sería su precio y es que la verdad no está al alcance de todos los bolsillos, pero tranquilos porque hay una solución. Hoy en día podemos encontrar centenares de tiendas que venden réplicas muy exactas y de una calidad cercana a la original, asi que si os puede el deseo de tenerlas pero no las ganas de gastaros ese dineral podéis animaros con una de esas réplicas.

A continuación os voy a enseñar algunas fotografías que he podido encontrar y que más me han gustado a la hora de colorcarla en algún lugar de la casa.

En un rincón de nuestra habitación

En el cuarto de los niños.

Donde más me gusta sin duda es en salón, además de ser el lugar donde más podemos disfrutarla , seguro que nuestros invitados quedan sorprendidos con esta silla.

Más de Eames.
Además de la Rocking chair, podemos encontrar muchísimas más sillas creadas por esta pareja de diseñadores.
Entre las más famosas junto a la anterior se encuentras estas dos.


Muy parecida a la Rocking pero la base está formada por cuatro simples patas.


Esta tiene en común con la Rocking la base en forma de Torre Eiffel, pero al asiento es diferente.
Este tipo de silla es muy utilizada en oficinas

¿Qué os ha parecido mi post de hoy? ¿Comprarías la silla para vuestra casa?

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Recycle or throw it away? That´s the question.

I am sure this next thing have happened or will happen to you at some point  in your life.You just bought a new few things for decorating your house, you are trying to give a fresh new look to it,  and suddenly  you see some old furniture that now does not really match with the style you are thinking about and the new things you just got.
It can be a bit stressful, this just happened to me this week.I have a table in my room and now  I am not sure what to do with it, so I am going to turn it into something different (and I will show the result in a future post)

This is the reason why today I am going to give you some ideas and show some examples about those  things that we have at home and that surprisingly we can turn them into an original decoration or into our personal master piece.

I) In this first picture we can see a round small table that looks a little bit old and neglected.
With some painting and a good hand for cutting it in half, we can create two small furnitures that we can place anywhere we want and they will look great and unique.

II) Looking up for new ideas, it caught my attention the multiple uses we can give to a simple wood palet.
How many times I´ve seen one of those and I never thought of it as something stylish or fancy.
I think next time I will take one and run back to home and create one of the next ideas I am going to show you.
Some multicolor shelves for the prince and princess of the house.

Without any doubt this is the idea that I like the most, and it seems pretty easy to make it.
We just need some painting, the color depends on your preference, a glass that matches the size of the palet and if we want we can add four small tires (This ones we can find in Ikea)
and the result will be an original coffee table.

A shelve for the kitchen is also a great idea.
In my case I would use it for a house outside the city where we can spend the weekends.

II) How many times we have thrown away some glass bottle? Yeah those ones that we get when we buy marmalade or honey.
I ´ve got some ideas for recycling them.

We can put some small stones ( we can find very similar ones in Ikea) and some cute candle, and we get a great decoration for a special dinner or lunch at home.

Every year my mom goes to our garden and comes back with some Hydrangeas and then she makes a beautiful bouquet with them.
If we have some place in our room where we don´t know what to put,we can always use some flowers, it doesn´t have to be exactly this one. And if the wall is white or has a bright color, the contrast with the flower color will look great.

Here we can see more decoration for a dinning table.
In this case they used thread in different colors to put it around the glass.
The result is tasteful.

IV) I am sure that more than once you have dropped a frame and unluckily the glass ended up broken in pieces. 
I am going to suggest you an idea for what is left of the frame, instead of just throwing it away.

The frame we can put it around an outlet and it will give it a fun style.
I think this will go perfect for kids room.

V) Pile of books.
If you have at home piles of books or magazines that you are not really sure how you have accumulated them, I propose an idea before we take them to the recycling paper place.

We can set them in four piles and then use a glass to put on top of them, so ... we get a beautiful table as in the picture.

For the moment I leave you with this five ideas, but I have many more that I will be posting in the future.

Also I wanted to share with you a picture I took the other day in a shop here in Ottawa.
I thought it was super original and smart because of how it matches the topic of the shop.

This little chair does not remind you of something?
Yes, it is an old bathtub! The idea is great right?

So what do you think about my new post?
Hope you found it interesting and you are willing to read more about my ideas.

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