martes, 17 de diciembre de 2013

Gift wrapping ideas

Hello everyone!
Hope you had a great weekend, which I am sure, most of you have spent it doing some
Christmas shopping.
Santa Claus is coming to town very soon, and we need to have everything ready,
specially what it will be under the Christmas tree..

That is why today I want to share some ideas for the wrapping.
This year I chose two colors- silver and red for the wrapping paper, some burlap 
fabric and vintage tags and the result is great, I am looking forward to putting 
them under my tree.
Brown is very trendy right now, so we will find many examples with this color
for the wrapping. Also the brown bags are another "must" and we can even 
use the lunch brown bags that here in Canada and in the USA we can find 
almost everyehre

Let´s check some ideas.

We already know that we can use washi tape for almost anything, and in this case it 
was not going to be different.
We can create a small garland like the one in the picture, and I am sure the person
who is meant to receive the present, will love it.

I love this idea. This small red balls are fantastic
for decorating a wrapping paper.
Most of the times, a classic look is the best option, so
a beautiful bow like the one in the picture, will 
always look great.
White make us think of the snow, and snow makes
us think of Christmas. So a white wrapping paper will
be always a good choice, but always try to add some 
other color so you don´t get a boring look.
As I said brown is trendy, but if you are not a big fan of it, you can
always create your own design like these pink polka dots.
You can also use some stamp that you like and decorate
the wrapping paper with it.
Or you can also use some acrylic paint.
If you are "in love" with the polka dots, as I am, I am sure you will
like this idea.
For having a white (or any other color) polka dots wrapping paper
this Christmas, we can create it by ourselves by using
some acrylic paint and the rubber of a pencil. As easy as that!
I love using paper bags for giving some present.
In our shop online we use them a lot for sending the orders and we love it.
Moreover combining them with doilies is a great idea.
This one is one of my favorites. I love the golden doilie used
for decorating the polka dots bag.
Another great option is to make your own Christmas decoration 
with paper, and use it for decorating the brown bag.
Christmas decoration on a brown paper bag, made 
with stickers.
Another idea is to cut the edges of the bag to give them a nice design.
We also do this for the orders, and we use scissors with different 
cuting shapes (these are availale in our shop online).

Hope you loved the ideas, and they´ve inspired you!

See you soon!

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