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Ideas for centerpieces
Hi everybody!
Today I want to talk about the centerpieces for different events.
When we celebrate some dinner at home, or a wedding, or we attend one of those
two, we have to take care of every small detail, even those that most people 
won´t look much at. 
So the center pieces are one of those things that people might think they are not 
important but actually they are, and so they are, that they can make us spend hours
to decide their final look.

I´ve checked hundreds of them and finally I made a small selection, so you can choose
your favorite.
Also I wanted them to be very different from each other, because variety is important.

Hope you enjoy the post, and you can use this ideas for your future celebrations!!

Centerpieces with fruits
The centerpieces with fruits are becoming more and more popular, being used
even in wedding.
But the ones that I´ve chose today are a little bit different from the normal ones, being
more unique and vintage.
Original centerpiece made with lemons and yellow flowers.
Centerpiece formed by limes and cute hydrangeas achieving 
an incredible result.
This one is really original, since the candles are inside a real
More apples. In this case the apples are inside the vase and under
 a cute variety of flowers.
This one is using lemons again, but in a taller vase.
In this case is being used for an outdoor event.
Apples in a large vase for an outdoor event too.
Centerpieces with coffee beans
This small centerpieces made with coffee beans and candles are 
perfect for an informal lunch.
Roses with coffee beans, a perfect combination for a wedding centerpiece.
Cute centerpiece made by using red painted coffee beans with red and
pink flowers.

Centerpiece made with a glass bottle full of coffee beans and pink flowers. In this case
it was made for an outdoor wedding.
Centerpieces with eggs
Bright centerpieces formed by colorful eggs and different types of pink flowers.
For a summer lunch it is just perfect.
Another cutie perfect for a summer lunch.
White eggs in an old fashion basket.
In this case it is perfect for an Easter formal dinner at home.
Sweet centerpieces
Small trees made of pink and white marshmallows.
Beautiful colorful DIY tree perfect for any outdoor day event.
(Soon I will show in this blog how to make one)
Centerpieces with fishes
Centerpiece formed by a small aquarium with living fishes.
This beautiful jar is perfect for a centerpiece. In this case they included a fish.
Small fishes in a vase as a centerpiece.
The idea for the centerpieces with fishes is quite original, but I doubt is healthy for them.
Small fishes are very delicate, and being in contact with other items 
as candles,

petals etc ... 
can harm them really badly . They also need 
special conditions to survive, 

which are not 
being included in any of the centerpieces I´ve showed you. 

So, yes, this idea is original and I won´t lie, it looks good, but I Don´t recommend it.

Centerpieces with wine glasses
This centerpiece is really incredible and not commonly seen.
It´s based on a big size wine cup full of flowers.
Christmas centerpiece with silver accessories.
Upside down wine and martini glasses holding a candle with a pretty flower
inside them.
Sparkling pink 3 sizes glasses with pink flowers.
This one is a bit less extravagant than the ones we´ve just seen.
Just a few small white-grey stones and a white candle makes a great centerpiece.
Centerpieces with flowers and other original ones
Modern centerpiece with ball flowers on grass.
Spectacular tall glass centerpiece with several types of flowers.
Wedding table with multiple look alike centerpieces.
This is just incredibly beautiful, plus the fantastic chairs, the result could not be better.
Cute centerpieces made with teapot and teacups.
It would be perfect for a tea party at home.
Beautiful centerpiece made with an old watering can.
This three ones are also incredible and rare.
In this case the tulips and the cherry branches are 
completely dipped into the water.
Original one made with white candles surrounded with green asparagus.
Different types of wedding centerpieces.
So what do you think about all this centerpieces I´ve showed today?
As I said at the beginning of this post, they are a very important piece in any
kind of event, so don´t forget about them and get some ideas from here.

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