miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014

DIY- A pillow for Lucas

This Friday is the day of Love ...and we must celebrate it with our loved ones, including
our four-legged little ones, that we love so much.
In my case, I'll make a small cushion for Lucas, that he can use as a pillow, but he will
end up using as another chewing toy...

So this little cushion, will have a heart shape. We will use materials that we have at home, 
and it doesn´t need any sewing skills, so it´s easy and cheap.

What we need
-Fabric, any type with any design you like. We can use even a small blanket we have at 
home for them.
- Scissors which can cut fabric.
-A pencil or a marker.
-A heart shape template.

1) First, we need to make the template with the heart shape. For this, we just need a 
cardboard, or a paper sheet.
2) Place the fabric or the blanket on the floor. Set the template on the fabric, and draw
the heart on the fabric with the template.
3) With both pieces of fabric set one over the other, cut the fabric in a circle shape, with
distance of 5cm to the heart, as you see in the third picture below.

4) Cut the fabric as you see in the first picture below. You need to make two cuts, with a
a distance of a finger size, between them.

5) Using the top layer, and the bottom one, tie a knot, as it´s shown in the second picture
above these lines.
Keep doing this, until you have cut and tied most of the heart.

6) When you are close to finish making the knots, keep a small part open to put the filling.
You can use the rest of the fabric or blanket that you didn´t use; some cotton or whatever
you want.

7) Close the cushion by making more knots.

8) Cut the edges, and give it to your pup! It´s time to play!

Hope you liked it, and hope your puppy will love it!

See you!

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