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Deco Ideas

Cork, a great option for decoration

Today I want to talk in my blog about one of the materials that recently I have in my mind all the time.Cork.
Since I started this blog, I usually spend many hours during the day thinking about decoration.
Not only I think about what I can buy, also what I can make by myself so it´s more economic.

I´ve found in cork my best friend since we can make hundreds of different designs with it and we spend very small money. Also not to mention how cute they look!

I am sure you have seen this small things hundreds of times at your parents house when you were small, and now that you might be living by yourself you might still not see them as something useful except for the job for what they were designed for.

Now is time to give them a different use, and I am going to help you by showing my ideas.
Since I still don´t have enough corks to make my own things, I tried to find what I have in my mind through pictures that I´ve been collecting for a little while.

Hope you enjoy them!


Coasters with a square shape made with wine corks.
Coasters with a round shape.
Coasters made by setting the corks inside a photoframe. 
Coasters made by using slices of corks.

Wall clocks
Kitchen clock decorated with cork´s circles.Very original.
Wall clock made with wine corks.This one we can considerate a bit more elegant, so we might want to hang
it in the living room.
Decorating with words

This words will look great in a baby´s room for example. Also we can help it look more sweet by painting
them in a light color, like blue, pink or yellow.

Phote frame
This frame is very easy to make, since we just have to use slices of corks.



I think this is the best idea so far. For example we can use it in an outdoor wedding.
In my opinion is very original, and I am sure the guess will like it.
For our cards at home is also a great idea, or for a shop who wants to offer their customers their business card.

With some corks, a vase and a small candle, we can have a cute central piece for a dinner at home.
Planter made by using champagne corks.
Candle holder.
Napkin ring.
Coffee table.

Hope you´ve enjoyed it and you want to create your own decoration with the ideas I´ve just showed you!

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