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Small Spaces

Small spaces-How to use them in a smart way

In my post today, I want to talk about how we can decorate small spaces in a right-cute way.

I believe most of people have a time in their lifes where they have some problem with not having enough space. Where to put this? where to keep that? are questions that we all ask ourselves in certain moments.
My idea today is to give you some tips when the time of buying new furnitures comes.
Also I have great ideas of how to use some spots in our house that we never thought of them in that way.

This are basic tips. Quite easy to use and I am sure they will help you.

I) Room divider- If we use a room divider we can separate one room into two or three, so the eye effect is like there are more number of  rooms than they really are.

II) Wall color- If we use different wall colors for a same room and then we use those room dividers we can also create the effect of having more than just one room.
Depending on your mood you can spend time on one or the other.

III) Furnitures-Do not use oversized furnitures. The small the furniture the bigger the room looks.
Also if you can use a furniture for different purposes is a great idea. For example a portmanteau used as a table and a place for keeping things.

IV)Bedroom- An over decorated room is not a good idea.
Just use what is needed; a bed, some desk and a chair. 

V)Decoration-Try to decorate with small pieces and hang them not too high on the wall.
Also try to use furnitures with a bright color and set them next to the wall. This will help to make an effect of a bigger room.

This are my five tips for today. 
I will give some more in future post.

Now I am going to give you ideas for using spaces as we never imagined

Spaces under the stairs.
Drawers under the stairs.
Usually we don´t know where to keep those clothes from a different season than the one we have now.
This is a great idea for those big duvet,sheets etc
A closet under the stairs.
Sometimes the tv furniture is big and really takes a lot of space.
With this idea the tv place is not a problem anymore.
A small kitchen can be also set there.

Small workspaces.
Did you ever thought of a corridor as a place to work?
I am sure you didn´t.
If you don´t have a space for your own home office, use this place.
Any corner of the house can be used as a small office.

A closet is a great place for an office too.
Use the walls for keeping stuff too

Another example of office in the closet

Other tricks

A high bed is perfect for a small room, since you can use the space under it for  setting a small office or a place to relax.
If you hate the spaces that heaters takes, do like in the picture.
Set a table over it.
Use the walls to hang things and for decoration and keep the floor simple.
But don´t over decorate them!

Hope my tips will help you with your decoration!

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