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Ladders- A great piece of decoration


Today I want to show you how we can give multiple uses to a simple wood ladder.

Usually they are kind of ignored, we don´t give them a use which is different from what they were meant to be used for.
So today I am going to propose you several ideas for using them, and I am pretty sure that after you see them you can not wait to have one of this at home.

Hope you enjoy it!

Ladder-clothes rack
In this case the ladder is used to hang the clothes once they are washed
Ladder as a kitchen furniture
Kitchen towels;bags for keeping the bread etc... are hanging on the ladder.
In this case the ladder is hanged and is used to keep kitchen suppliers.It´s a great idea to save some 
This idea is very similar to the last one but in this case the ladder is standing in the
floor against the wall
In this case they added some shelves so we can keep kitchen suppliers, specially those
big ones that take so much space
Ladder as a shelve
In this case three ladders are being used to create one shelve
Here just one is being used, so we can get a smaller shelve
This idea is same as the previous picture, but in a different color
Ladder as a place to keep shoes

I think this is a great idea specially if we don´t have much space at home to keep our shoes.
In my case that would be  a problem since I love shoes, so the high heels now would have a great place to be kept.

Ladder in the bathroom
The ladder would be a great place to hang the towels and other bath accessories
In this case the ladder is used more as a shelve, but is still a great idea
to keep the towels and other bath stuff
Ladders and plants
Ladders and plants are a perfect combination since is so easy to hang them on the ladder.

Ladders as a decorative accesosrie
In this case the ladder is hanging from the ceiling above a dinner table.
In my opinion this is a great idea for decorating our dining room with a different-unique style.
Also the idea that the picture give us by hanging decoration from the ladder is very original

Ladder as a rack to hang clothes in a shop 
Ladder and Christmas
This is without any doubt, the idea I liked best.
In this case the ladder is included in our Christmas decoration, and not in a small way, it takes all the attention.www.twcshop.wazala.com
We can hang the typical christmas decor from it, and it looks great
We can also paint it with christmas style and add some Santa to it
This idea is very similar to the first one in this section
In this case the ladder substitute the Christmas tree, and the result is incredible!!
Christmas-ladder tree
Christmas-ladder tree 
Also a great idea to keep out Holiday card is by hanging them as in the picture
So what do you think about the ideas I just showed you?
Are you willing to have one of them at home?

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