lunes, 29 de julio de 2013

A new style

Industrial style

Hi everybody!! How was your weekend?
Today I bring you a new style of decoration for this Blog. Previously, I talked about
others such as the vintage, shabby chic, zen etc. .. so this time I want to introduce you 
the Industrial Style, its story, main features and tips of how to use it at home.

A short explanation
- The Industrial Style is obviously related to the industrial movement which took place
 in the 20s in the United States and then more specifically during the 50´s, when the
factories became more important.

- This style is closely related to the loft aesthetic. The idea of using a loft as a home, 
is the result from the search of new spaces, cheaper and more spacious, from the 
immigrants artists in New York.
Factories and warehouses were used for living, and that is how the idea of the loft
was born.
An example is the Soho in New York.

- The homes decorated in this style are made mostly of steel, iron and wood.
It´s very common to expose parts of the building structure, such as beams, pipes,
brick walls etc..

- The decor is not delicate. The wood used is thick, not finished; The furniture are
large with straight lines.
For chairs, they usually use those made of metal. An example is the Tolix chair.

- The main color is black, but also we can find others like red, blue, green and brown.
Regarding the tone of the varnish used, usually is a very dark range.

- In the kitchen, wood and stainless steels are the main elements used.
And in the bathrooms usually old style fittings are used.

-Three tips to keep in mind when using this style

1) Use big shape and heavy furniture and combine them with lighter ones. 
To highlight those small ones, use white color on the walls.

2) Good lighting is important, so use lamps as a part of your decoration.
Also try to set the couch and the coffee table in the correct position to get
the best light from outside.

3) When decorating, try to make one piece the main one. Never saturate the space
by placing too many things.

In the living room
Living room with large pieces with straight lines.
Loft home with industrial decoration.

Big loft house with beams, columns and exposed bricks.
As you can see the furniture are big in shape, and the space is well illuminated.

In the kitchen
Kitchen with a mix of wood and steel furniture.
Kitchen with an industrial style.
What catchs our sight is the originality of the stools.
The wood for the kitchen island has a worn effect,
very common in this style.
Kitchen with exposed steel beams and stainless steel furniture.
Loft where the kitchen and living room are integrated.
The air pipes are visible and decoration
is heavy with oversized furniture.
In the bedroom
Industrial style bedroom with a touch of a rustic environment.
You can see that the wood is thick and not delicate, as I explained
at the beginning of this post.
Large decorations stand out in this room, where we can not say that only one
element is the main one.
Industrial style bedroom with dark walls and straight line furniture.
In the bathroom
Very industrialized bathroom, but quite
Beautiful bathroom with antique fittings and exposed beams.
In the dining room 

Industrial style dining room where the Tolix chair is the main element.
Small but very original dining room.
The recycled table is perfect for this style and cute, the metal Tolix chairs are 
again the main element with the big lamp that illuminates the table.
In the home office
Industrial home office where we can highlight the 
antique chair.
Home office with an industrial style, where the main elements
are the big lamps over the tables.

And this is all for today.
What do you think of this style? Personally I love it, specially the idea of having
the kitchen and the living room so close and connected to each other.

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