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Maritime style

Decorating with a maritime style
Hello everyone,
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Now let´s talk about the post today, which os course is going to be related to the
I want to bring you today a very cute style, the maritime or navy one, for those
who still want to enjoy the summer and decorate their houses with style, or for those 
lucky ones who can enjoy their time on a house next to the sea.

What you should know about this style
♐ Colors
White, blue and some small decorations in red.
♐ Characteristics elements
Shells, corals, anchors, nets, sailor knots etc...
♐ In the bathroom
Blue and white tiles are perfect and very common. Also towels with some maritime decoration.
♐ In the bethroom
White wooden beams, porthole windows, tables with lighthouses or ships ...

Colors and characteristics elements
The main colors of this navy style are, white and blue, though also red is used to
highlight certain details related to the sea, such as shells, nets, anchors, starfish etc ...

Navy style in different rooms
The room which we can really decorate with this navy style, without making an
overwhelming look, is the bathroom.
White or blue tiles, towels with navy decor, towels hangers with the shape of an
anchor etc.. can help us create a similar environment as we were in a ship.
This small details will make the room look great, without having to invest
too much money.
On the other hand, if you prefer this look in the lounge or in the bedroom, we can use
wooden beams painted in white, curtains with blue stripes, or we can place some window
As for the kids rooms, the idea of using bunk beds is perfect, plus some other additional 

I hope this little guide I just made will help you achieve your look.
Anyway I want to show you some ideas with the next pictures.

Navy style in the living room
A little white boat like the one in the picture, can make perfectly a cute coffee table.
The result can not be prettier and is also fully
This living room with the white paneled wall and navy blue curtains, makes
us feel we are inside of a pretty ship.
Things like the sailboat, or the wooden railing, helps to create
this environment.
Maritime style living room in white, decorated with multiple navy objects such as, 
a sailing boat, a world map, white wooden beams...
Spectacular sailor style room with blue walls and white wood.
Using porthole windows such as the ones in the boats, 
helps us to get this environment, besides it creates a
beautiful result.
In the dining room
Beautiful nautical style dining.
Details like the white wood-lined walls, lighthouses, rowing etc. ..
helps create this environment.
Stylish navy decoration table.
The shells, jars, and dishes are perfect.
In the bedroom

Kids room inspired on the navy style.
The bed looks like a small wooden boat.
The decoration is perfect, the idea of using the life preserves, maps on the walls, and the lamp
boat type is perfect.
This room is beautiful.
The headboard is gorgeous, and the white half arch simulating the helm
is very original yet spectacular.
Bedroom with a navy style, thanks to the beautiful bunk bed in white and blue.
In the bathroom
Bathtub with a lifeboat shape.
Blue tiles and white lifeboat as a tub, makes this bathroom a unique place.
Bathroom decorated with different starfish.
Small navy decorations
A can full of small shells, can be a perfect
navy decoration object.
Sailor knot used to hold the doors.
One like this can be found in zara home.
Boat roars used as a headboard.
Vintage navy objects.
Old wooden boat used as a sofa.
More decorations with sand and shells.
This is all for today.
Hope you have enjoyed it, and you will use some of these ideas during this summer.

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