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Decorating with Umbrellas
Hi everybody!! Happy friday evening to all of you.
The other day we talked about the decorations for summer with a navy style, and today
I want to share some other decorations for summer or spring events, that takes place
The decorations are based on the use of umbrellas as the main element.
The results are really original, and very easy to DIY, just use your imagination
or get inspired by my tips here.

For weddings
Nowadays weddings have become an event where we can express our taste openly.
It doesn´t have to follow any line of classic style, actually opposite, brides now wants
their wedding to be unique, so they bet on decorations that are modern and at 
the same time they will catch the attention of their guests.
So the used of umbrellas in an event like this one, is perfect. It makes the environment 
really romantic. Also try to use vintage umbrellas, with some white lights for an outdoors
wedding, you will see how beautiful the result is.

This is exactly what I meant above.
These beautiful umbrellas with lights makes the celebration place
perfect to host a romantic night.
In  this case the black, red and pink umbrellas (rare combination
of colors, but very successful) are set indoors for a wedding 
The result is great.
White umbrellas placed as a part of the centerpiece for an indoors wedding.
The idea is very original, creating a visual effect on the umbrellas
as they are being blown away.
Wedding ceremony decorated with umbrellas.
In this case they used vintage umbrellas with different styles, combined with
crystal water drops.
This decoration doesn´t´have to be used just for a wedding, but it
can be used for other type of events.
Red umbrella as part of the centerpiece, and decorated with
cute raindrops.
This is the same space as the previous picture, but watched from a different angle.
Cute and different umbrellas hanging from the ceiling of a tent
where it will take place the wedding celebration.
In this case the umbrellas are set closer to each other.
Small gift for the wedding guest with an umbrella shaped, and
with the names of the couple written on a tag.

For baby showers
These decorations are also perfect for a "baby shower".
For those people who do not know what it is, since this tradition is not very common
in our country yet, here I'll explain.
-A baby shower is a party in where the expectant parents receive gifts for the baby
they are expecting.
The purpose of this celebration is to help the parents by giving them different objects
the baby may need after his birth.
Literally it means "giving a gift shower" to the mother.
So now you will understand why decorating with umbrellas is a perfect idea to decorate this event.
Baby shower decoration, but in this case the celebration takes place
once the baby is born, so we can see his picture on the table.
For this occasion the color chosen is yellow.
Table decorated with umbrellas hanging over it,
with crystal raindrops.
Small gift for the baby shower´s guest with an umbrella shape.
Cake made ​​with rolled diapers and decorated
with raindrops and a small umbrella in pink and red.
Cute table for the sweets, decorated with a transparent umbrella and
colorful pompoms.
(both the pompoms and the paper straw in pink and white, can be found in our 
shop online
Hanging umbrella along with the word baby, which serves as
decoration for the baby shower.
For bridal showers

As baby showers exists, also there are bridal showers, which in this case is the same 
thing but the objective is to celebrate one of our friends future marriage.
The bride, also receives gifts, like moms, but obviously these things are meant to help
her to start the new life with her husband.

Decorating with umbrellas is perfect for this occasion too, so the bride can protect
herself from the rain of gifts.

A little extravagant table decor, to celebrate
a bridal shower.
This time the umbrellas are hanging over the table, and they are
pink as everything else is.
Cute little table decorated with a pink umbrella.
Beautiful antique umbrella in white, which helps decorate
the table with sweets for the celebration.
Colorful decoration with different types of umbrellas ready for
the  bridal shower.
Other decorations with umbrellas
Japanese style umbrellas used for a garden decoration.
Umbrella used for decorating a cute store.
Beautiful decoration on the door made with a cute pink umbrella and 
some little flowers.
Door decor.
Door decor.
Japanese style umbrellas used as an indoors decoration.
Original lamp made with two umbrellas making a sphere.
And this is all for today. 
What do you think of the idea of using umbrellas for decorating your events?

Some of the decorations shown in the pictures above, can be found in our shop online.

Happy friday!!

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