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The Carrie Bradshaw´s apartment

Today I am publishing my second post, and I wanted to start my experience as a blogger talking about a Tv show that gave me  many good times, and helped me get through a rough day. I am talking about  Sex and the City (SAT)

I want to focus this post on Carrie Bradshaw´s apartment, which is the main character of the show.
For those who likes the decoration as I do, will find interesting the big change the producers gave to the apartment.

Let´s start with a small gossip.

The apartment itself is just a set, like it often happens in the tv shows, but the building where the apartment is supposed to be is real and we can find it in NYC, exactly at the 66 Perry Street and Bleecker street, Manhattan.

So if you ever go to NYC and you are a huge fan of the show, you can take a picture here.

During the whole tv show, the apartment does not change much, except for a few things that Carrie buys.
The style of it is not really defined, but if we had to describe it with a few words, we could say is a mix of vintage with an overly decoration, this means that where ever we look we can find a heap of book or fashion magazines, or a few not hanged wall frames.

She really didn´t care much about the decoration. The mix of styles was clear, as soon as you could see a modern leather chair, you could walked into and old and unglamorous kitchen.

Moreover, the walls would not caught your attention, since the color was just a serious beige, and the living room was not a place that would make you spend too many hours sitting on a couch watching some tv.

In the pictures we can see the pile of books even with an old phone on it, and the "untidy" style.

BUT, there was a place that we couldn´t stop looking at and envying, because.... who doesn´t dream with a wardrobe like hers??

The wardrobe was the main place of the house. She spent hours just for choosing an outfit, or looking at her pair of Manolo´s or Louboutin´s.
It was like entering a different world in a same apartment, a gorgeous world with style and taste.

The change.

After the Tv show was done, the producers decided to release two movies.
Is in the first one where the apartment has a huge change.

The walls were transformed into a blue color, which gave the whole apartment a strength and self secure feeling. 

But now we can not really find anything that would make us feel that the apartment we are watching is owned by her.
Everything is gone. The books, the magazines, even her old  black Apple laptop is replaced by a new one.
Now the place has much more light and the style is really modern.

The living room now is much more stylish, the couchs are a set, not as before that every furniture really didn´t match much with the rest.
But the new style doesn´t get along well with the character. Those flowers, the huge tv display... we can not imagine Carrie choosing those things for her loved apartment.

But without any doubt, the only place that the producers didn´t want to change or change must was her small world, her wardrobe.

The only difference with her old wardrobe is the color, with a stronger blue one.
I guess if they changed this place, it was changing too much, so they decided to keep it as it was.

So what do you think? Do you prefer the old version or the new one?
Personally I would choose the older one, but maybe I would introduce some changes.

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