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Recycle or throw it away? That´s the question.

I am sure this next thing have happened or will happen to you at some point  in your life.You just bought a new few things for decorating your house, you are trying to give a fresh new look to it,  and suddenly  you see some old furniture that now does not really match with the style you are thinking about and the new things you just got.
It can be a bit stressful, this just happened to me this week.I have a table in my room and now  I am not sure what to do with it, so I am going to turn it into something different (and I will show the result in a future post)

This is the reason why today I am going to give you some ideas and show some examples about those  things that we have at home and that surprisingly we can turn them into an original decoration or into our personal master piece.

I) In this first picture we can see a round small table that looks a little bit old and neglected.
With some painting and a good hand for cutting it in half, we can create two small furnitures that we can place anywhere we want and they will look great and unique.

II) Looking up for new ideas, it caught my attention the multiple uses we can give to a simple wood palet.
How many times I´ve seen one of those and I never thought of it as something stylish or fancy.
I think next time I will take one and run back to home and create one of the next ideas I am going to show you.
Some multicolor shelves for the prince and princess of the house.

Without any doubt this is the idea that I like the most, and it seems pretty easy to make it.
We just need some painting, the color depends on your preference, a glass that matches the size of the palet and if we want we can add four small tires (This ones we can find in Ikea)
and the result will be an original coffee table.

A shelve for the kitchen is also a great idea.
In my case I would use it for a house outside the city where we can spend the weekends.

II) How many times we have thrown away some glass bottle? Yeah those ones that we get when we buy marmalade or honey.
I ´ve got some ideas for recycling them.

We can put some small stones ( we can find very similar ones in Ikea) and some cute candle, and we get a great decoration for a special dinner or lunch at home.

Every year my mom goes to our garden and comes back with some Hydrangeas and then she makes a beautiful bouquet with them.
If we have some place in our room where we don´t know what to put,we can always use some flowers, it doesn´t have to be exactly this one. And if the wall is white or has a bright color, the contrast with the flower color will look great.

Here we can see more decoration for a dinning table.
In this case they used thread in different colors to put it around the glass.
The result is tasteful.

IV) I am sure that more than once you have dropped a frame and unluckily the glass ended up broken in pieces. 
I am going to suggest you an idea for what is left of the frame, instead of just throwing it away.

The frame we can put it around an outlet and it will give it a fun style.
I think this will go perfect for kids room.

V) Pile of books.
If you have at home piles of books or magazines that you are not really sure how you have accumulated them, I propose an idea before we take them to the recycling paper place.

We can set them in four piles and then use a glass to put on top of them, so ... we get a beautiful table as in the picture.

For the moment I leave you with this five ideas, but I have many more that I will be posting in the future.

Also I wanted to share with you a picture I took the other day in a shop here in Ottawa.
I thought it was super original and smart because of how it matches the topic of the shop.

This little chair does not remind you of something?
Yes, it is an old bathtub! The idea is great right?

So what do you think about my new post?
Hope you found it interesting and you are willing to read more about my ideas.

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