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20 wedding favours ideas

Hello everyone!
Today we're back with another post dedicated to weddings, a topic that we love here
in the blog, since it gives us a plenty of different options.

In this case we want to focus exclusively on the gifts that the couple give to 
their guests, either for keeping it as a memory, or for using it during the celebration.
It can look like a simple thing, which should not take too much time for the couple
to choose, but at least for me is just the opposite.
I few weeks ago I was responsible for choosing these little presents, and it took me
several weeks to decide which one were perfect.

So I wanna help the couples who are preparing their wedding right now, on choosing
the perfect gift.

For themed weddings
If you love a themed wedding, and you also love traveling,
a small suitcase full of candy is a perfect gift.
If you prefer a wedding at the beach, a perfect gift is like the one in the picture.
Or if your dream is a fairy tale wedding, you can give your guests some fairy dust.
More personal gifts
If you are one of those couples who loves reading, you can share it with 
your wedding guests by giving them some great book. 
If you are a couple who loves music, you can create your own CD with your favorites 
songs, and you can give a copy to every guest.
Women loves Macaroons, and unfortunately they don´t last forever, 
so this cute macaroon box is perfect to bring it every where.
A cute matches box with the couple´s name and date, is also a nice idea.
Sweet gifts 
A cute jar filled with candy is a present that most of the guests
will love for sure.
If you love Tiffany&Co as much as I do, you can give some Tiffany´s cheap
present to your guest, like their super special blue box filled
with chocolate.
Another great idea is to give you guests some snack like this one,
which consists on a donut and some delicious milkshake.
This cute chocolate lollypop with this beautiful decoration, is
a great gift for women to give.
For sure you will make more than one girl happy if Macaroons is what
you give.
If your wedding is more like a rustic style one, some jars filled with
delicious handmade honey is a perfect gift to give to men and women.
You can give them a love knot made with sugar.
I love tea, and I would be very happy to receive some cute 
tea bags like these ones.
Just for the women

Flip flops are a must if you want your girl friends to stay up whole night.
This one is a great idea. Replace the traditional rice and petals 
with this bubbles makers. 
Women loves plants, so giving them a small plant as a wedding gift
is a great idea.
And for the best friends of our own best friends

We should not forget that some couples might have dogs, so we should
give them some treat for coming to our wedding, or for being ok
to be left at home.
This cute doggy cookies will help your friend´s pet forgive him
for leaving him at home while he attended your wedding.

Hope you liked the ideas!

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