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Happy Birthday to your pet!

Hello everyone!
Today on the blog we want to show you a very original and somewhat crazy idea.
"The celebration of your pet´s birthday party".
Like any other family member, your pet also deserves a day which is exclusively 
dedicated to him, where he get new toys, eat some cake, and share a nice time with his
other canine friends.
This idea is becoming more and more  popular among those who have a pet and they are
"in love" with him or her.

Of course once we have decided to throw him a BD party we should put the most time 
and effort possible on it. Today we are going to give you some advices and ideas
that will help you for the time you prepare an event like this.

Ideas and advices
1) First we have to decide where we want to throw the party.
The best option would be a nice and wide garden, since we also want our friends to bring
their own pets.
A garden bring us the possibility of reuniting several dogs, where they can play and hang 
out without creating much of a mess.

2) Prepare some food for humans and for the dogs.
Now a days we can buy hundreds of different types of food for dogs, even some cake, 
cookies, snacks etc... You will want to put some of them in your party.
For the humans, some hot dogs, burgers and other snacks are perfect.

3) A good idea is to talk with the pet owners who are coming to the party, about their
eating schedule. Some dogs eat before going out of home, others don´t, so you want to 
make sure if you need to set a place for them to eat their normal food.

4) One very important thing not to forget, is to provide them water, specially to the 
smaller size dogs.
So prepare a space for that.

5) Use some cute decoration for the place. Here in this post we will show you some ideas.

6) Toys- This is a "must", so prepare a bunch of them and let puppies play with them.

7) You can prepare some small shows during the party.
For example each owner can show which tricks his pet can do.
You can also prepare some spot for pictures and call it the "picture place"where
they can take funny shoots.
Another great idea is to ask your friends to wear some costume and of course their
pets must wear the exactly same one.
Just use your imagination.

Visual ideas
The Birthday party invitation
It is important that your friends know when and where is the party, so a cute BD invitations
are essential.

The decoration
Cute table decorated with pet accessories.
Paper decorations with canine design.
You will have to prepare a table for the most important guests.
Or if you don´t have a table or you think they will be more comfortable 
on the floor, this is a great idea.
As I´ve said, a bunch of toys is important since they love playing with them.
This is the picture spot of this party.
The food
For the humans we can serve some hot dogs with different sauces. If you want
to make it funny, you can call each sauce after some dog breed.
It´s important to have different types of food.
Both for puppies, and adults since
they do not eat the same.
In a birthday party cupcakes are kind of a must.
 In this case the topping is a special cookie for them 
Serve yourself (with your owner´s help)
If the party is thrown during the summer, these delicious 
ice cream special for pets are great. I am sure none of them will
If you want to serve some cupcakes you can order to put your pet
face on them.
Or you can prepare some snacks by yourself.
Each dog needs their own dish, so don´t forget to write their names
on them.
The birthday cake
Of course a birthday is not a birthday if we don´t have a cake.
Now they sell some cakes for pets, just check online or around your city.

A piñata full of doggy snacks is a great idea. Of course you will have to break it.

The gifts
Your friends might bring some presents for your dog, but you can also prepare some 
for their pets.

Hope you liked the idea that I have brought today.
If you ever celebrate the birthday of your pet, please take pictures and share them with us
in our Facebook "The White Corner" or in our Twitter @ whitecorner.

In our shop we have some pet products, and we are planning on bringing many more!

See you soon!

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