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A wedding in a farm

Hello everyone,
Like some others Wednesdays, today we bring you some wedding decorations.
This time I want to take you to a farm wedding. Yes, you read correctly,
to a farm. Now theme weddings are up to date, and this one is one we can find among 
all of them.

The fact is that the result is very nice and the type of decoration you can use is very wide.
Normally if you decide to have this type of celebration, usually is more casual, where the most 
important things are the decoration and having fun.

Hope you like the idea!

The wedding invitations
As any other weddings the invitations are an important part of it.
Such a small thing, and apparently without much significance, is a great reflection
of the couple´s taste and the kind of wedding we will be attending.

In this kind of wedding decor, the Mason Jars are a MUST so having them as 
a part of your wedding invitation is a great idea.
Here comes the guests

On a tractor.
Here comes the Bride

Shoes and wedding dress waiting for the bride, surrounded by
a rural decoration.
The bride arrives on a carriage, how romantic is that?
For a country wedding, the bride has
well chosen a pair of boots, which goes perfect with the
type of decoration.

This other bride has engraved a very important message on the shoes.
In this case the bride holds a country-style wedding
but this idea is good for any other type.
The Ceremony

Farm´s garden where the benches are made with hay bales.
As I said before, the Mason Jars are a must.
I Do´s is that way.
The dinner
Decoration for a wedding inside a farm.
Outside celebration in a farm.
Excellent decoration for a celebration in a farm.
Centerpieces made with corn branches. Just perfect.
The wedding cake
Burlap is another "must" for this kind of wedding.
In this case they used it for decorating a
wedding cake.
Wedding cake decorated with a ribbon straw.
Wedding cake set on a piece of tree.

If you do not want a wedding cake, a dessert as delicious as this one
is a great idea.
Also if it´s set inside a Mason Jar, is more than just a great idea.

The celebration

Delicious snacks for after the dinner.
Beautiful muffins set on a tree branches fountain.
Chill out with hay bales.
Nice beer spot.

Another chill out with hay bales as seats.
Just Married....
Just married...
So what do you think about this kind of wedding? Will you like one with this type of

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See you soon!

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