viernes, 18 de octubre de 2013


Today I want to present a great idea for all of you who are in love with your puppies
or puppy as I am, and we are living in Canada or the U.S.A.
If you're like me and you spend the day giving love to your puppy, taking photos and videos
of him and buying clothes and toys once in a short while, I am sure you will LOVE this idea.

Here I want to present the BarkBox 

What is Barkbox?
-The barkbox is a cute box which contains four or more carefully selected products 
for your dog.
-It can containg toys, bones, natural treats etc....

How does it works?
First of all you will have to choose which kind of puppy or dog you have.
a) Small and cute
b) Just right
c) Big and bold

Once you have chosen your type, they will present 3 types of plans.
1) 29$/ Month- 1 month
2) 24$/Month-3 months
3) 19$/Month-6 months
All of them includes a free shipping, and you will have to pay the whole price for the 3 and 
6 months plan the first you purchase the box.

Then you just have to fill in your info and done! As easy as that.

Why do I like it?
The main reason why I like this idea and the Barkbox is because 10% of their profits
will be donated to shelters, rescues and animals welfare organizations.
They are happy to work with any organization so you can let them know which one
you think needs their help and they will be happy to know them better.

Also you will make your dog or puppy happy with their products, and if your puppy 
is happy, you will be happy too.

Here I want to share their webpage so you can get more information and order your 
Barkbox as soon as possible!

Hope you like this idea!

See you soon!

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  1. Arf! Danielle R. here from BarkBox! Thank you so much for featuring BarkBox on your blog! We appreciate all the RUV <3