jueves, 14 de noviembre de 2013

An Industrial loft in Barcelona

Today we want to take you to Barcelona, one of my favorites cities.
This time we want to show a beautiful industrial style loft, which used to be a workshop.
The work with this space is magnificent. The amplitude given by those sliding doors
long windows and bright walls, is great, giving the sensation of entering a wide room
where nothing disturbs and everything is in its right place.
I immediately felt calm and rested when I saw this apartment.

Large windows offer a great view, but also it bring light to the room, which 
is the main point of this place.
By having a ceiling as precious as this, formed by wooden beams,
the perfect balance are this naked walls.
As you can see the decorative accessories are not hung on the wall. 
This helps to create an amplitude effect.
Less is more.
In this loft there are no doors, everything is just one piece.
The small library is well integrated with the living room.

The bedroom has a little bit of privacy thanks to the usage of a half wall
which also works as a closet.
The same idea is also in the kitchen. There are no corner to corner walls.
I hope you liked this post and this house.
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See you!

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