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Harry Potter- A wedding themed

Due to the success this post had last week, I want to share it with you all in English too.
In our weekly post about weddings, last week we shared with you a very special 
decoration inspired by Harry Potter.
I am sure that many of you love these movies (as much as I do) but I was totally
shocked, when I found out that some people want to dress, eat, and have a decor
as the ones in the movies.
I hope you find this post entertaining and fun!

The proposal

As a good fan of the movie, the boyfriend did not hesitate to save the
ring for his fiancée inside a snitch ball.

Save the date
Any wedding has their invitation, and in this case it could not be different.

Save the date. Place of celebration- platform 9 3/4
Wedding invitation inspired by the Daily Prophet. 
Wedding invitation inspired by the Hogwarts invitation for Harry in the first movie.
This last one is inspired by the map that 
Harry use for moving inside Hogwarts.
For sitting the guests

The hat will help you find your seat.
The hat will help you, but of course first you need to find which
one is your wand.

You can name every table with some word, place etc... appeared 
in the movies.
Like in this case they used Hogwarts for the bride and 
the groom table.
If your table is the "Muggles" one, maybe you 
won´t feel too happy...
Table decoration

This picture is just incredible. It´s almost an exact copy of the big dining
room in Hogwarts.

Table decor where in this case they have been named after the subjects
you would have to study if you attended Hogwarts.
In this particular case you would be attending the charms class.

If this is your table, you would be attending
the Herbology class.

You can hang the program, as they were doing in the movies
when they wanted to let people know something important was happening.
This cute centerpieces as a small silver magic hat are perfect for this
wedding theme.
The wedding cake
Beautiful wedding cake, decorated with the snitchs balls used for playing quidditch.
This one is less serious, but quite funny and cute.
Other decorations

Small brooms stuffed with candy
and made also with a pretzel stick, is a delicious and
lovely snack.
Another cute snack are these snitch balls made with wonderful macaroons.
As a wedding present for the guests, you can 
give them some of your Felix Felicis potion.

You must make it clear where the ceremony is taken place.
Old luggages and trunks are perfect as decoration.
I would die to try one day the butter beer, won´t you?
Please make sure you follow the arrows, you don´t
want to end up in Azkaban.
More sweet snitch.
Do you remember this plant in Harry´s herbology class?

Hope you´ve enjoyed the post, and let´s start the week with a smile on our faces.

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