martes, 26 de noviembre de 2013

Christmas in pastel colors

Hello everyone!
Happy last week of November. This Sunday we will be finally in December, and that just
means ONE thing- Christmas!
Last weekend was snowing in Ottawa, so we decided to arrange all the Christmas 
decorations at home. It was very special to have a snowy Ottawa while decorating 
the house for Christmas.
I´ve chosen a fairly traditional decoration, but in the future years, I won´t hesitate to
chose something different.
So today I want to show you some Christmas decorations in pastel colors, if you are tired
of the conventional style, you might like this one. 
I´ve found them really pretty, specially if you a Shabby Chic decoration, or Nordic one,
it will really look great.
Hope you like it.

We will continue posting some more Christmas decorations through all this month.

See you soon!

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