lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

6 ideas by Anthropologie

Today I bring you six ideas by Anthropologie, a well known brand here in Canada
and the United States, and that I personally love. 
Not only they have a decoration line, but also clothing, personal accessories, shoes etc.. 

It is true that this brand is not cheap at all, indeed, I think some prices are too much
but their design is just beautiful. 
Today I bring you some alternatives for some products that I love, but that we can make
them at home by ourselves quite easily.

This shower curtain with ombré design is beautiful, but maybe $ 118 
for a curtain is too much.
If you have some sewing skills and of course a 
sewing machine, we can make a very similar one as the one on the right. 
Here are the instructions -Click here for instructions
1400$ a bookshelve.... a bit crazy don´t you think?
We can make one as beautiful as the Anthro one by ourselves.
Instructions here
These jars with chalkboard accessory cost $ 12 EACH ... 
for much less we can get the same look by using a blackboard
sticker which actually we sell on our shop online ( 
I love confetti and I have some jars and glasses with this design at home,
but of course I didn´t pay 36$ a piece.
We can make them by ourselves following these Instructions
Instructions here This wrapping paper is cute but $ 18 a roll....
However we can do it by ourselves with a little bit of
imagination, or following the instructions

Now that my birthday is coming, I would not mind 
a decoration like this on my cake,  but if it costs $ 26, it´t best
to buy the colorful papers and make it ourselves.
And up to here you can see my 6 ideas for today.
Now I want to share some of my favorites accessories of this brand for this new season.

See you soon!

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