lunes, 3 de marzo de 2014

Hot Dog Café

After a week without being able to update the blog, here we are again. 
This weekend I've been in Montreal, I don´t get tired of visiting this beautiful city, which
reminds me of a little bit of Paris, and a little bit of New York (personal opinion).
This time I brought my pup Lucas with me, so the trip was very different from the other 

Thanks to his company I found this restaurant that I bring you today here in the blog. A
place where pets are not just allow, but welcome, and if you let me say this, they are more
important than us. 
Hot Dog Café Montreal, was opened last year, based on an idea brought from Japan, 
this type of restaurant is a First in Northamerica. 
The decoration is fresh and modern, and of course dogs are the main thing here. 
You can enjoy a nice coffee, lunch or dinner, with the company of your puppy, and if you
want he or she to socialize with others, there is an indoor park where he can play with
dogs of his own size, and for an insignificant price.

The owner, Mirko Bonneville is a formal pet lover who made
this place come true.
As I mentioned above, the decoration is ultra modern, where
everything is thought for your coziness and your pet´s.

Of course, there is a dog´s restroom as well.

Not only you can enjoy a nice meal with your pet, but also you can do it, while he
plays with other friends. You can keep an eye on him thanks to several screens where
they show the indoor park.

Here there are some photos I took.

This is the indoor park, where pets play with other pets of their own size.
Once they are familiar, they let them play with the bigger ones.
Lucas was quite scared at the beginning, but at the end he enjoyed it, and
he even made some little friend too!
Everything is so personalized, that I even found a paw in my coffee.
Here Lucas was ready to order.
And here we were both happy after how much fun he had in the indoor park.

For those ones who have a pup like me, this is a great place. If you visit Montreal, don´t
forget to pay a visit to Hot Dog Café.
I really hope they are very successful and it will come to Ottawa one day.

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