jueves, 6 de marzo de 2014

Spring has come to Ikea

March has begun and I've barely noticed it though this month I´ll celebrate my
Spring is just around the corner and we can already notice it in the windows 
of the clothing stores and also on the decoration ones.

Ikea has launched a spring collection (Limited Edition) full of pastel colors, that I can´t
The collection is called Bråkig, which in Swedish means "scandalous" and includes a 
relaunch of the Frosta Stool which was obviously influenced by the Alvar Aalto stool, 
but with the difference that this has three legs while the Ikea comes with four. 

Here you have some of my favorites items which I am planning to get this weekend
on my next visit to Ikea.

So what do  you think of this new line? If you liked it, don´t miss the chance and
pay a visit to Ikea asap.

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