miércoles, 11 de septiembre de 2013

Bon Voyage

Wedding decor
Today I want to talk again about a wedding decoration.
I think when it comes to your own wedding, you should just follow yourself. 
Of course you can always get some help from friends, or professionals, but what I mean
is you should put together what you really like, which really represents who you are, 
and stop wondering if people might like it or not.
So when I find some theme wedding, I just love it.

In this occasion I am going to show a wedding decor related to traveling around the World.
It´s perfect for those couples which enjoy traveling together. Also the options are
multiple and the result is gorgeous.

Let´s start with the wedding invitations

Wedding invitation with a passport design.
Romantic wedding invitation with a vintage postcard design.
Save the date
The bride
The bride arrives
Wedding shoes with map decoration.
Just had to show this dress!
Position yourself

And find your table

Table number, centerpieces and the menu

The wedding cake
Cute wedding cake with the Earth shape.

Presents to the guests

Create a cute environment

And finally, say goodbye to your guests

Hope you liked this post..

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