lunes, 9 de septiembre de 2013

Eclectic style

Decorating with Eclectic style
Hello everyone!
Today I want to introduce you a new style that we have not covered on the blog yet.
I´m talking about the Eclectic style. This style began in France in the XVIII century and
in England in the XIX century.

What is it about
-This style is based on the mixing between old pieces and modern pieces, including those
from different cultures.
-The word "Eclecticism" comes from the Greek "Eklegein" which means choose, so
this gives us a huge clue what is this style about.
-It tries to create a romantic, unique, original and balanced atmosphere by choosing
 personal pieces.
Everything is alllowed
This style is not afraid of using colors, nor of using geometrical shapes.
The type of curtains and furniture you want to use, is really up to your taste, but
always studying the position and the order.

This style in the living room

An eclectic dining room

An eclectic kitchen

An eclectic hallway

An eclectic bedroom

An eclectic bathroom 

An eclectic home office

So what do you think about this style?
Do you feel identified with it?

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See you soon!

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