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Wedding decor with doilies
Hello everyone!
We are starting the first fall in our Blog, and we want to do it with a post dedicated
to weddings.
This time we bring some ideas for decorating a wedding with doilies.
They are integrated in every detail and the result is really nice.
It's a great idea to personalize your wedding and give an original touch.

Hope you like the result.

The proposal

Will you marry me?

Cute wedding invitation envelope made with doilie.

The Bride
Original wedding dress with a green background and with a layer
of white doilies designs.

Doilies pom pom.
Small heart shape doilies.
Rice and petals
Newspaper cone for keeping the rice, with a doilie cover.
Doilie with cone shape for keeping the petals.
Take a seat
Guest panel made with doilies. 

Table number and guest name 

Paper doilie with the guest name set under a transparent dish which
 decorates the guest table.
Table and chairs decoration

Menu set on a paper doilie.
In this case the centerpiece is hanged and it consist of small doilies.
Fabric doilie.

The wedding cake
Beautiful cake decorated with doilies design.
Sweet doilies cake.
Cake with gray doilies.
Presents for the guests

Small cute box for the wedding guests, decorated with 
a round doilie.
Golden doilie.

Sweet and salty pretzel sticks decorated with white paper doilie.
For after the dinner

Hope you liked this post, and you take some notes for your wedding.

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See you soon!

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