miércoles, 18 de septiembre de 2013

Let´s go Glamping

Glamping getaways

Hello everyone!
We decided to go camping, do you want to come with us? I am sure that more than one
of you are not very thrilled with the idea, since sleeping in a tent and on the floor is not
the most comfortable thing in the World......
But! don´t worry because now we can go camping with some glamour. Forget about 
the mosquitos, the next morning backache, the cold nights... all this is history, since
the "Glamping" was born.
Glamping (camping+glamour) is becoming very popular in USA (specially in Colorado)
and Canada, though also in Italy, UK etc..
To help you picturing how this "glamping" looks, you can remember the tent used by Harry 
Potter and his friends, remember how elegant, spacious and cozy the interior was?
"glamping" is exactly that idea.


Small tent with wooden floors and a beautiful bed.
Spacious tent where several people can sleep in their own little "room" thanks 
to the used of curtains to create some privacy.
Outside view of one of the glamping tents.
This one might not have wooden floors, but it does have the
necessary rugs to make the room as comfortable as possible.
The idea here is to rest well, so there is only
 room for a bed.
The most luxurious ones also have a bathroom like this one, with
a vintage bathtub and wooden walls.
There is also space for a small cute kitchen like this one, just in case
you prefer to cook something more sophisticated.
This tent with wooden floors also have a dining space, 
a living room and an electric fireplace to avoid the cold nights.
This luxurious tent with wooden floors and furniture has a large
mosquito net too, to help get a nice rest.
Also the small ones can enjoy their own bedroom, where they will feel like home.

If you want to enjoy the last days of September in a different way, this is a great idea.
Here you have two pages where you can find where these services are offered around
the Globe.

But if you want to just stay at home and get a little bit of rest, you can set the tent inside too!

Hope you liked the idea we brought you today!
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See you soon!

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