lunes, 2 de septiembre de 2013

Movies and their houses

The UP house 
Hello everyone!
We are starting a new month already! The summer just went by so fast!

Today I bring you a post that I´m sure most people will be excited to see!
I guess you remember the film created by Pixar called UP where a widower named
Carl Fredricksen and a boy scout named Russell, travelled to Cataratas del Paraíso
in South America aboard a house suspended with helium balloons.

In the movie, Carl after being widowed, is forced to leave his house, so as his last 
alternative he ties thousands of helium balloons to the house and make it fly.
Well this beautiful house is not only fictional, but it exists in real life.
It is located at 13215 S. 5390 West, Herriman, Utah, USA and was constructed by
Bangerter Homes, a construction company, with Disney´s permission of course.
The replica is accurate and the market price is $ 399,000
View of the house from the outside. The large pict shows the real house, and the 
small picture the one in the movie.
The mail box is exactly the same as the one in the movie, with names and 
the hands of two of the main characters.
Real life house view with millions of helium balloons.
Entrance of the house.
This stairs are an exact replica, where we can even see
a picture of Carl hanging on the wall.
Windows in the living room
 Fireplace in the living room with a picture of Carl´s spouse on it.
Painting, placed on the fire place.
This two armchairs are an exact replica of the ones where Carl is sitting in the movie.
White and blue kitchen.

Dining room
Laundry room
Beautiful bathroom with a vintage bath tub
Wall decor. On the left is the one showed in the movie.
On the right is the one in real life.
House plane.
As you can see, this house has every small detail showed in the movie.
It´s perfect and very cute.

I want to show you some pictures of the house, as we can see it in the movie,so you
can compare.
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See you soon!

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