lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2013

Wall decoration

Hello everyone! How was your weekend?
I've been quite busy making the DIY little house for my puppy that I showed last week
on the blog, which BTW I´ll be showing the result tomorrow!

Today I bring a decoration for the wall that we can also do by ourselves.
The result is incredibly beautiful and is perfect for decorating especially our bedroom 
or the kid´s one.
This involves applying the cross stitch embroidery technique but on the wall.
And how do we do this? Keep reading and you will find out.

What we need
A cross-stitch scheme that you like. 
✔ Acrylic paint.
A paintbrush

How we do it
-The process is very easy, just substitute the white fabric for a wall in your house.
-Follow the pattern you have chosen, always starting with the center and instead of going
embroidering small crosses, paint them on the wall. You must be very careful, so try
to make crosses with a similar size.
-For people who have done cross stitch as me, is an idea that most certainly you will love,
and it will look easy. For those who don´t have any experience and are willing to try
this one, don´t worry because it is quite easy, just remember you must always start
painting from the center of the drawing, and you will need to calculate if you have enough
space on the wall for the whole painting, you don´t want to realize you screwed up
once you have already started right?

Some examples

Big rose painted on a white wall for decorating a bedroom.
Same painting as the one in the last picture, but here we can see it closer
and farther.
Cute flowers in pink and blue, which is perfect to decorate our
favorite corner.
Closer view of the previous photo.
Cute owl which decorates one of the walls in a bedroom.
A picture like this is perfect for decorating
a child's room too.
Living room decorated with a beautiful rose.
Cross stitch decorations on different walls.
This spectacular drawing made with the cross stitch technique
is better to make once you have some practice.
 Matryoshka doll painted on a white wall for decorating
a cute shop.
Closer view of the last photo.
So what do you think about this cute decorations we have brought you today?

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See you soon!

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