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Shabby Chic Style

Shabby chic
Hi everyone!! Hope you had a great weekend!!
Today I am bringing a new decoration style for us in the Blog, the "Shabby Chic" style.

It´s features
The Shabby Chic style is inspired by the great English country houses, where old
furnitures where a highlight, and light and soft colors where used for all kind of 

Shabby means frayed, tacky, old, but as the intention is to make it look like new, 
the word chic was added to the name of the style, so as you can imagine this style
tries to combine old furnitures with new ones to make a unique kind of decoration.

The furniture
The kind of furniture used for this style are antique ones, with and aged look, 
which adds character and personality to the room.
But this style just doesn´t try to add a vintage touch, but also it tries to give a romantic
and feminine one, ending with a classic and elegant look.

The furnitures lines are usually mild, with worn and clear tones like, light pink, beige,
light brown or grey.

I) One advantage of this style is about the ecomonical part, since we can use old, used 
furnitures that we can find very cheap in any flea market. Then we can change them a
little bit by ourserlves if we want to.
Also if you have any alive grandparents, I am sure they have some old style furniture
at home that you might be willing to take.
Just remember one thing, they must have a nice bright color.

II) Another advantage is the unique-look we get in our house, since we are using
furnitures that are not in the market anymore.

Shabby Chic decoration examples
Shabby chic in the kitchen

Kitchen with old furnitures and accessories.
Kitchen with old and new furnitures and accessories.
Stylish kitchen with a total old-look thanks to the chairs, and the bench.
Antique inspired kitchen, with antique accessories.
Living room
This house was restored.
It went from having an uninhabitable look to the one that it has now.
Some objects were recycled as the timber walls, the coffee table
with old wood and slightly faded, while other new furniture were brought
The combination of all is perfect.
Living room with antique furniture like the small table, and the discolored
wooden shelve.
Modern lounge with a white used-look coffee table.
The presence of flowers in this style is quite important too, that is
why you are going to see it very often.
Lounge in bright colors, with a mix of an antique a modern decoration.
Dining room
Dining room at the beach house with a shabby chic style.
The chairs and the table have an old look, while the rest 
of the furnitures are newer though they have a vintage style too.
Dining room with a totally used chairs and table look.
Also the furniture used for keeping the dishes has an antique design.
This small dining room is full of vintage deco.
Bright colors are the main ones, and the furniture have a total antique design.
This room looks like those in the fairy tale stories.
The table has a beautiful shape and color.
Besides that, the background decor is perfect, the clock
pendulum is lovely and well as the hanging clocks.
This spacious dining room is full of small details.
As I said, this style seeks for a romantic look, and in this case
light pink floor with the beautiful flowers helps to achieve that.
However, modern table and chairs are used, though the chairs we know
they´ve been used for a quite long time.
Antique bathroom both in furniture and accessories.
Ancient and modern bathroom.
The hot tub are like the heavy metal ones used many years ago.
The decor in both photos is vintage.
Antique sink used in modern house.
This bathroom is gorgeous.
Decorated curtains are a classic of this style, so
by using them under the sink is a great idea.
Bedroom with old white look furniture.
As I said, the use of flowers is a "must" in this style.
More flowers, in this case on the walls and on the bed curtains.
Aged bed with antique accessories.
Small house with a total shabby chic look.
The bed and the furniture have an antique style, also the kitchen
accessories for storing are the same as the one used in the 1950´s.
Other accessories to get a shabby chic look
Using antique accessories for the kitchen, metal baskets,
watering cans, old weights etc. ..
Old cabinet drink storage is great for placing it
in our dining room.
The use of flowers is important as I said.
This old wooden staircase turned into a place
for plants, is very chic.
The all-wood paneled walls in light colors, is also
a "must" in this style.

These antique accessories but immaculately kept, are
perfect to achieve our goal of having a shabby chic decoration
 in our house.
This kind of lamps are also very used in this style.
Metal flower base with flower decoration.
A perfect home accessorie.
Old metal cages, like the one in the picture, are also
a great piece for achieving our shabby chic look.
Nowadays we can find them in many shops.
So, what do you think of this new style I brought to the Blog today?
You think you will like to have it at home?

I hope you´ve enjoyed the post.
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See you soon!!

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