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Zen Lovers

Zen Deco
Today I am going to show you a very relaxing decoration, the Zen Decoration.

This type of deco has its origin in the East, on the Buddhism (sixth century BC) 
affecting particulary to Japan and it´s culture. But it´s not until the twentieth century
when it comes to Europe.

Features of this style
This style is based on the search of harmony and on the light which helps to create 
a pure and pleasant environment where we can leave apart our worries and stress.
Usually the spaces are large and tidy.
So the best way to describe this style is - to keep things simple.

✐ Colors
The basic colors are: White (with its different shades), beige, grey, green, gold....
✐ Materials
The materials used in this style are natural and less industrialized, like wood, stone
The shape of the furnitures are simple, with straight lines which helps to make the
look tidy and simple.
Usually the light used is weak and warm, and they achieve that by placing the spotlights
in hidden corners so we can not see them.
The light in each room has to "invite" us to practice mediation and contemplation.
The spaces decorated in a Zen style are characterized by the use of just a few objects,
which are usually made of glass, stone, ceramic...
Traditional items used in this style are: Small water fountains, bamboo plants, stones,
Buddihist images, among other things.

Zen decoration at home
Living room
Zen Lounge characterized by austere decor, and a extensive presence
of wood and stone.
This living room also has a few elements for decoration.
Neutral colors are the main one used.
The decoration here is a little bit different.
Red color is used for the wall, which is not too common.
The small japanese tea table gives the Oriental touch in this room.
Large living room with high ceilings and small decoration.

Other Zen rooms
This modern bathroom mix the oriental inspiration with other
modern objects.
Japanese tea room.
This indoor poor just makes us get relaxed by watching it.
The light is weak, coming from places that we can not tell.
Also the presence of that tree is very common in the 
Oriental deco.
This room, besides being very pretty, conveys
a very relaxing atmosphere.
The bed is oriental, and the tree simulates
the Japanese cherry tree.
Large kitchen with straight lines furnitures and small decoration.
This cuisine is very similar to the previous one.
The lines are straight, simple furniture and the 
feeling of order is obvious.
Spectacular jacuzzy.
The use of stones placed so neatly is very japanese things.
Also the use of wood and the design of the whole tub is japanese.
Decorative objects
To add a Zen touch to your home, you can use some of the objects I am going to show 
you now.Since not everyone can have the style of houses I´ve showed you above.
So you can create your Zen corner, room, garden or anything you want.
Bamboo is the most common plant used for decoration in Japan.
A small one like in the picture, will give a different look to the
place you place it.
The use of candles and stones will give a relaxing touch to the
space where you place them.

Bonsais are coming from Japan, so 
they are very common in the decoration there.
If you don´t have space for a garden, you can 
have a mini oriental garden, like the one in the picture.

Large bamboo plants placed in the living room.
Simple and minimalist deco is the key to succeed in this style.
Decorated bamboo branches, if you are tired of the natural ones.

Cactus with colorful sand, where you 
can relax by creating figures.
Flat stones placed one over the other.
This a typical view of a japanese garden.
These are some of the objects that we can use, but there are many more.

I hope you have enjoyed today's post, and you got a little bit more relax for
enjoying this weekend.

Greetings and see you soon!
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