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Decoration with Nordic style

Scandinavian Style
Today I want to show you a decoration style which was born in Norway,Sweden, 
Finland and Denmark- "The Nordic or Scandinavian style", both meaning the same,
refers to the style born during the early twentieth century in the countries I have just 
mentioned above. 

This style is still alive today, though it has varied in certain elements.
It´s characterized mainly by combining neutral colors of landscapes with
slightly aged appearance.

More details
I) The Scandinavian interior design is strongly influenced by the climate and the 
landscape  of these countries.
II) At the same time these countries have little natural light, as the nights are usually 
longer than the days, so the interiors tend to be large and bright, to take advantage of 
the few hours they can use the natural light.
Also for this reason, the dominant color is white, followed by light colors
as I´ve mentioned on several occasions, these colors provide brightness.
This also affects the use of the materials, they usually use  light-colored wood.
Although sometimes they add  colors like red or blue for the small decoration.
III)  In textile linen and cotton are the most used.
IV) The style tries to combine the traditional with the modern.
V) The rooms are generally spacious, with large windows and high ceilings.
VI) The Scandinavian furniture lines are straight, pure and clean and combined
with soft curves for creating welcoming environments.
VII) The Nordic decorative accessories are very simple, and usually they are made of
ceramic and glass.

Example of house with Nordic style
Living room
Nordic style house.
Perfect combination of bright décor got by using
material as natural wood and white such as the Eames chair.
Same line décor as the last picture.
Large windows and bright colors are typical of this style.
Scandinavian living room prototype.
Perfect example of what I´ve described so far.
Large windows, high ceiling and domination of the white color combined with
other bright ones.
In this case the style is combined with natural elements such as the big pieces
of wood used as little tables.
Total white bedroom.
Bedroom where the wood is the dominating element combined with 
the sheepskin rug which is very Nordic thing.
Bedroom in white shades combined with the grey color
of the multiple rugs.
The bathrooms are famous in this style because of how well they manage the little space.
White bathroom. In this case the idea is great
since they set the sink in front of the window. 
Bathroom in grey and white shades.
Bathroom in grey and white shades again.
Nordic kitchen where the wood is the main element combined with white
 walls, celing and floor.
Large windows, bright colors and aged look door.
This kitchen includes 3 of the main characteristics of this style.
Total white look where the wood counter becomes the highlight 
As you have seen, this style loves trying to provide natural light to the house somehow. 
Fot that purpose they use the bright colors such as white, grey and beige among 
other things.

Also the houses are usually provided of a small terrace, since they love to enjoy the 
sun light during they few days they can.

So what do you think about this style?
Personally I think is one of the best styles nowadays.
Living as I live in a cold country like Canada, I tried to decorate my own house
following this Nordic way, and the result is very similar as the one I showed in the
It really feels like a warm and nice place, so I highly recommend this one.

I really hope you found my post useful.

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