jueves, 9 de mayo de 2013

Decoration with paper flowers

Paper flowers
Today I want to talk about the decoration with paper flowers. 
This paper flowers are becoming really popular and fashionable. Personally
I find them very original and cute, also they are a very economical option since
they last longer than the real ones.

It is true that a good natural bouquet is difficult to replace, but believe me,
some of the decorations I want to show to you today, won´t envy too much 
to the one made with natural flowers.

They are great, and they can be used for different occasions such a birthday parties, 
weddings, baby showers etc...

Hope you like the idea!

Paper flowers at home
Paper bowls with roses shape in different colors.
Doors deco or centerpieces made with paper in roses shape.
Pink flowers made with paper.
Original flower bouquet made with paper flowers and
This is a great idea for mother´s day or an anniversary, 
to surprise your GF.
Small pots made with cardboard with flowers made with paper.
Glass vase decorates with different paper flowers.
Vase with red paper tulips.

Paper flowers for a wedding
These paper flowers are also used to decorate outdoor weddings, or interior ones.
Paper flowers hanging from the ceiling in green.
In this case they are used for a indoors wedding celebration, but in 
my opinion they will look better in an outdoors one.
Napkin holder in pink.
Paper flower ball in different pink color for a outdoors wedding celebration.
Wedding center pieces in pink.
Bags for rice for the groom and the bride made with
paper and decorated with a flower.
Beautiful bride´s bouquet made with paper flowers.
Wedding celebration with multiply paper flowers color.
 Paper flowers for other kind of celebration
Tassels hanging for birthday celebration 
or for tea time with friends at home.
Cupcakes with cute pink paper flowers.
Tassels paper roses to decorate birthday party.
This idea can also be used to decorate the stand of sweets
 during the dancing at weddings.
Blue tassels decorating a birthday dinner at home.
They can be used for any other occasion too.
What do you think of the idea of ​​decorating with paper flowers?
I think they are super original and I will use them for a wedding that I am 
preparing right now for someone very special to me.

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I hope you enjoyed the post!!

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