lunes, 27 de mayo de 2013

Decorating with tree branches

Decoration and Nature
Hi everybody, how was the weekend?
Today I am bringing a post about decorating with "tree branches", so you can DIY
at home.

The options are multiple, and the results are really cute.
You can use the branches as they come, or change them by yourself, such as 
decorating, painting etc...

So from now on I am going to show you some ideas.
Hope you like them all!

Bed decorated with dark brown branches.
Bed decorated with white branches and leafs.
It reminds me of the Show White´s bed.
Lamps and candle holder
Branch hanging from the ceiling over the dining table, and decorated with
colorful glass balls.
Branches hanging from the ceiling over a dining table.
Branch used as a candle holder.
Small branches placed around a candle.
Simple and cute.
This wide branch works as a candle holder, but in this case the
candles are placed inside a small hole made in the wood.
I think this is a very original idea and very beautiful to place it on the chimney.
Chandeliers hanging from a tree branch.
It's spectacular that a thin branch as the one in the picture, can hold
the lamps perfectly and aligned.
Flores y ramas
This vase with fine white painted branches could
be used as a centerpiece.
The contrast of the white with the blue wall is great.
This cute branch inside the glass vase, works perfectly
for holding the guest´s messages in a wedding.
It´s original and makes you feel you want to write something nice.
Glass vase with tree branches used for decorating during Easter.
Small vases with pink flowers, placed around a set of branches.
Centerpiece made from cherry branches.
Spectacular centerpieces made with long branches and decorated with small
lights hanging from them.
Centerpiece for wedding  made ​​of branches with
lights hanging from them.
For an outdoor celebration during the  evening, is a very nice and original idea.

Branches and hangers
Original hanging bar for a girl´s room.
Beautiful branch used for hanging baby clothes.
Branches and curtains
White branch used to hand a blue curtain.
Certainly a very original idea.
Thin branch used for hanging white curtains.
The result is sophisticated
Branches on vinyls
Vinyl with tree branches and birds.
Grey vinyls with a tree and it´s branches.
Cute white branches vinyl for a baby room, with shelves placed

Other decorations
Stairs made manually with branches.
Hanger made with small branches.
Original Christmas tree made ​​of
branches placed high to low size
and in alignment.
I love this idea.
Living room decorated with thin trees and their branches.
Original painting where the canvas has been replaced for this branches.
The railing of this stair is very original.

White tree branches used to hold cute ceramic figures.

So what do you think about the ideas I brought to you today?
I hope you have enjoyed the post!!

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See you soon!!

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