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Decorating with bird cages

Bird cages
Hi everybody!!
Today I want to make a different post from the last 3 ones, where I've introduced
you different types of decoration styles.

In this case, I want to show you how to decorate with just one element, 
a bird cage.

We know that in decoration, almost anything is ok, and in this case, we are using
a bird cage with a different functionality than the one which was made for.
They look great inside our house, with candles, flowers, on the floor, hanging,
or on a table.
The ones used for this ending, are the antique-look ones, which are beautiful, 
though they are a little bit pricy.

You can find one in places like in a flea market, though here I am not sure about 
their condition, or also in some deco shop, or in our shop online, where we 
have several with a very good price-www.twcshop.com

From now on, I am going to show you some ideas of how to use this cages for
decoration at home.
I hope you enjoy the post!!

Decorating with bird cages
Grey cage without any decoration, set next to the window.
In this case the living room has not too much decoration, so the cage takes a lot
of attention.
Big old cage used for keeping plants. It´s a great idea for saving space.
These half cages are used for hanging photos, notes or as a frame.
White and green cages in different sizes hanging over a girl´s bed.
For a room is a very good idea, and the result is
really nice.
In this case the cage is decorating an adult bedroom.
Next to the bed, on the floor looks very nice, also you can hang it, or put
some flower inside, which will match the duvet cover really well.

White cages with candles hanging over the dining table
for a celebration.
The idea is wonderful.
Black cage used for keeping envelopes.
It´s a great idea to keep the envelopes from the guests at a wedding.
or the cards from your friends at a BD party or a Baby Shower.
Half a cage used for hanging jewelry.
We have this kind on our shop online.
Cage with yellow flowers inside, used as a centerpiece for a wedding celebration.

Small cage with paper flowers used as a centerpiece
at a wedding.
White beautiful and big cage illuminated by candles.
It looks really great for decorating a room for a formal dinner.
Small cage full of sweets. It will be a good idea to use it for decorating a kids BD
celebration, or just as a present to give to someone.
Small green cage with a plant, used as a centerpiece for 
a day event.
Bird cages hanging from the trees. Really a beautiful idea.

Beautiful turquoise cage with flowers used
as a centerpiece for an informal event.
Beautiful shelve paper cage, used for keeping cupcakes.
Cages with different shapes and flowers, used as centerpieces.
Beautiful small white cage, used for keeping cards.
It´s also great as a present.
Vinyls and bird cages
As I already said in one post, the vinyls are right now one of the main things
used for interior decoration.
We can find thousand of types, shapes, colors etc... and of course, we can
find those with a bird cage design.
We have a wide variety of them in our shop online- www.twcshop.com

Vinyls with three bird cages.
Really beautiful one, with a huge bird cage.
Baby vinyl with tree branch and a bird cage hanging from it.  
Beautiful vinyl with a tree and a bird cage.
You can find this exactly same one in our shop.
Elegant vinyl with white cages.
So, what do you think about the post today?
You think it´s a good idea to use the bird cages as a piece of decoration?

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See you soon!!

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