jueves, 2 de mayo de 2013

Washi tape at home

Washi tape
Today I bring you a post about the decoration that we can do at home
with washi tapes.
It´s not the first time and I think it will not be the last, that I talk about these
japanese decorative tapes made with rice paper.
In an older post I explained a little the ancient history, and I want to give you 
ideas of how we can decorate things we have at home with these tapes.

Hope you like it!

Washi tape on doors
Door´s edge decorated in red washi tape.
Door decorated with pink washi tape.
White door with pink washi tape.
This is a good idea for decorating a small
girl´s room.
Edge of the door decorated in green washi tape. In this place is a great idea.
White door decorated with black washi tape drawing geometrical figures.
The contrast between the white and black is great.
Another combination of black and white but with different figures.
Door knob decorated with blue and white washi.
I think this is a great idea for the furnitures in a kitchen.
Washi tape on lamps
White lamp decorated with green washi.
Lamp base with blue washi. Looks sweet.
Lamp decorated with different washi tapes.
Washi tape in the kitchen
Kitchen furnitures with washi tape with stripes style.
Fridge decorated with polka dots washi tape.
Great idea, looks cute.
Washi tape on tables
Studio desk for kids.
Colorful washi tape decorated desk.
Work desk with washi tape.
Stairs with washi tape
Stair half decorated with washi tape.
Stairs decorated in blue washi tape.
Another type of decoration, very original in blue.
Other furnitures with washi tape
Small chair with washi tape with red polka dots.
Final result.
This small stair from Ikea looks much better with this black and white washi tape.
Washi tape on closets
Closet decorated with green and strong pink washi.
Closet doors decorated with stripes made with washi.
This is all for today, hope you can use some ideas to decorate at home!!

If you don´t have any washi tape, you can get them with an incredible price in our store!!

See you soon!

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