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Decorating in aqua
Hi everyone,
Sorry for the delay on translating this post into English, but I´ve been very busy
recently. I´ve changed the blog´s look, which I hope you like it, also I am 
working on the decoration of a wedding, and the most important one, I am 
getting everything ready for my vacation which will start this coming friday!

So now that the summer is approaching, I think it´s time to dedicate a post to the
aqua colors used for any kind of decoration, since the aqua reminds us to the beach,
the sea, the summer etc..I believe it´s the best timing possible.

When I talk about the aqua colors, I am referring to the blue and green one.
Both are great colors for the summer season, which will help us give the room a 
freshness touch. Also the green will create a relaxing environment.
They can be used either together or separately.

Successful combinations:
-A great combination for this two colors would be the following one.
Use a light color, such as white or beige for the walls. Then use an aqua green
for the furnitures, and finally you can finish the look by adding small decorations
such as vases, ashtrays etc... with a pale blue color.

-Using green and brown together is a very good idea, since both are the main colors
in the Nature.
The result will be sophisticated and serene.

-Green and pink together is also a very successful combination, since you can achieve 
an elegant and formal environment or if you want you can make it also more casual.

-The green and blue, have many shades, so that the combination between them can help 
you create a pleasant atmosphere.

Dangerous combinations:
-Both the green and the blue, combined with a red color can become a horrible
combination if you do not use the right shades or if you use stripes.

Places where you can use these colors
-Both are perfect to be used in any kind of room such as, a living room, a kitchen, a 
bathroom etc...
-It is common to use them in the bathroom since they help to give a freshness touch.
-Another common place to use them is the kids room, since they help to give a 
livable environment during the day and a cozy one during the night.
-Dinnerware in these shades are very suitable for the summer days.

Examples for using aqua
In the living room

Room with a somewhat shabby chic style.
This is a perfect example to show how my advice of colors combination
 that I´ve just gave you above, is successful.
The walls have a light tone, and the touch of color is given by 
beautiful aqua green furniture.
An ornate room like this one just needs a few small details
in aqua to attract all the attention to them.
You should use this color for just a few objects like in the picture, since
the room has a big decoration already, you don´t want to
get a somewhat dramatic result.
Living room with turquoise details.
As you can see the combination between brown and blue is perfect.
In the bedroom
Beautiful room where the dark white is the predominant color,
and green has been used only for specific accessories.
The curtains especially are splendid combined with 
the pillowcases and the bedspread.
Vintage look bedroom, where the aqua has been used for the bedspread 
and the pillowcase.
If you want to use turquoise instead of green, just follow the same pattern.
Use it alone for small accessories or curtains (like in the picture) and combine it
with a bright furniture and decoration.
You will get a wonderful result.
In the kitchen
Kitchen with a dark aqua green color.
In this case, all the furniture has this color, so try placing a light floor
and a bright wall.
In this case we have the opposite situation.
Most of the furniture has a white color, while all the
kitchen appliances has a beautiful aqua color.
This combination is soft and will create beautiful vintage look.
In the dining room
Dining room with a sober decoration which does not need anything else,
thanks to the strong blue color used for the shutters.
This one also bets on a sober decoration where the color
is added by the Eames aqua color chairs.
In the bathroom
This bathroom is great for getting relaxed, thanks to the 
green color used in different shades.
This beautiful vintage bath tub with carved clawfoot,
is the real star of this bathroom.
It helps create a bohemian and relaxing environment by
using this aqua green,
Also it helps to give it a modern touch.
Other places
Aqua doors for a beautiful town next to the sea.
Beautiful wooden door in turquoise,which has a great contrast
with the rest of the white decoration.

So what do you think about these aqua colors?? Would you use them at home?

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See you soon!!
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