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Decorating with Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style
Hi everybody,
Today I want to show you a decorative style which I'm sure you will like, 
since us (the spaniards) can feel very identified with it.

The Mediterranean style is marked by the influence of the Mediterranean landscape,
the sea ​​and the sun.
This style is also known as the "modern Spanish" and we can see it in Spain,
as well as in Greece and Italy, three countries that share a very similar lifestyle marked
by the cheerful character of the people, the good weather and of course the sea.

What is the Mediterranean decoration about?
This style is characterized by a bright décor, which includes the color of the sea, the
brightness of the sky, and the white color of the houses located near the Sea.
-The furniture in this type of decoration must be uncluttered, since we use colors
such as the blue and olive.
-We often use materials such as marble and slate, although the wood is also used for the roof.
-Mosaics are also common.

Common colors are white, olive green, blue, ocher and brown. The last two ones are
specially used for the furniture, while white is often used for the walls in the living
room area, blue for the bathroom and green for the kitchen.

Ideas for this type of decoration
In the living room
The color normally used for the walls in this case is white, while the ocher and brown 
are used for the furniture.
White color living room with bright décor.
Mediterranean room with large windows which is very common for
this kind of style.
The white color is the main one, while the furniture has a natural wood color.
Small living room in white and brown, with small decoration which is what 
this style bets for.

Beamed ceiling which are commonly used  in this style.
White walls and minimalist decor.
Mix between white and pale blue.
The blue color reminds us of the sea, and in this case it combines perfectly
with the white color, giving a bright look to the room.
In the bedroom
The blue and white tones are repeated as outstanding for the Mediterranean bedroom,
which also is decorated with just a few things like, a bed, a small chest of drawers and
a nightstand.
This makes a small bedroom look bigger.

Room with white wall and blue ceiling.
Large windows and small decoration.
Greek bedroom in Mykonos.
More blue in this bedroom, in this case on the bed.
White walls and small decoration.
A bedroom which meets almost all of the details of this style.
Blue color on the walls and cushions, white furniture and a 
ceiling with white beams.
The kitchen
White colored kitchen.
Tiles on the floor and somewhat rustic decoration.
Mediterranean décor in the kitchen.
Kitchen of a greek house in Tinos island.
Exposed wood beams, white walls, brown furniture and 
a cute oven at the corner.

Modern mediterranean kitchen where they bet on the blue color
for the furniture and on white for the accessories.
Bathroom with blue tiles on the floor, as I explained earlier
blue is the main color here.
Bathroom inspired on boats.
White wood bathtub with a lifeboat shape.
Blue tiles on the wall.
In the right image we can see a boat wheel shaped sink, and
a blue and white wall.

House inspired by the Ibiza and Greek houses.
The walls are painted in white lime and stone soil,
very common in our country.
Greek or ibiza house in white.
Roof of a house located in Mykonos, Greece.
The white and blue as you can see are the main colors.
Same house as the one in the previous picture.
Greek house in Tinos, Greece.
So what do you think about the style I´ve showed you today?
Personally I love it, and I wish one day I can own a house with this style.

I hope you keep reading my Blog, and enjoying it

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See you soon!!

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