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Ombre II

Ombré for weddings
Hello everyone,
I am sorry I haven´t wrote much in English recently, but I´ve been pretty busy
preparing everything for my trip to Spain.

Between the posts I have wrote in Spanish, and I haven´t translated into English yet,
I´ve decided to choose the one about decorations with ombré for weddings for today.

Before we really get into it, I want to explain a little bit, what ombré is about.

What is ombré?

The ombré is a French term that means the appearance of tones that graduate from light 
to dark. Ombré can be different shades of one color, or shades of color that moves from
one color, say white, to a different color, such as pink.
Ombre decor is a great option for brides to incorporate this growing trend into their 
wedding in a subtle or high impact way. With today’s creative wedding decor ideas,
there are endless  ways to incorporate ombre into your wedding, creating a trendy 
yet whimsical and elegant ambiance.

Let´s show you now some ideas for your wedding, with an ombré style.

Ombré for the centerpieces
Beautiful centerpiece made with roses and hydrangeas, 
arranged in a ombré style.
Long centerpiece with an ombré style.
In this case they used different types of flowers starting with white ones
and finishing with fuchsia flowers.
Chic centerpiece formed by different types of flowers, starting with
a white one and continuing with pink and fuchsia flowers.

Ombré for sitting the guests
Cards with the guests names and their table number, in
different pink hues to create the ombré effect.
Small board with the names of the guests and
the table number written in different pink shades.

Ombré for the invitations
Cute wedding invitations with pink ombré effect.
The result is elegant yet sweet.
Elegant wedding invitation with ombré effect in pink.
Cute and original wedding invitation and envelope.
In this case they used a pink-peach color for the ombré effect.
Ombré for the guests chairs
Black metal chair, decorated with different colors of ribbon, knotted in such 
a way so we can get the ombré effect.
This guest´s chairs are really original, since they are covered with different
colors for getting the beautiful ombré effect.
The result is really nice, though a little bit daring in my opinion.
Chair  decorated with ribbons in different colors
creating an ombré effect.
Ombré for the drinks
Cold drink for a wedding, with an ombré effect in brown and blue.
Drink with an ombré style in purple.
Margarita in a Mason Jar, with a beautiful
ombré effect.
Ombré for the cake
Beautiful ombré style cake in white and grey.
Cute wedding cake with roses shape decoration, in different colors
for an ombré effect.
Inside of the cake, where we can see different colors for each layer.
Green ombré effect for a wedding cake.
Ombré for other wedding decor
Big heart, made with butterflies in
different shades of pink
creating the ombré effect.
Different wedding decoration with ombré effect.
Cute napkins for the guests, chosen in different colors.
Small petal path with ombré effect.
This idea is really great and romantic.
This beautiful bags with ombré effect, contains the
rice that the guests will like to throw to the bride and groom.
The idea is really original and cute
And last but not least..... Ombré for the bride and her bridesmaids

Happy bridesmaids, dressed in different 
tones of pink, to create the ombré effect.
Beautiful Swarovsky bridal shoes with an ombré effect, for the daring bride.
Dresses for bridesmaids with ombré effect up and down
and ombré when placed in a row.
Bridal bouquet inside a Mason Jar, with an ombré effect.
Original and daring wedding dress, with a white and pink ombré effect.
Wedding dress with ombré effect in peach color.
And this is all for today.
Would you dare to have a wedding reception in the Ombré style?

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Tomorrow I am going back to my country for vacation, but if I have time, I will try to 
translate the other post I haven´t translated yet.

¡See you soon!

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