lunes, 10 de junio de 2013

Decorating with cardboard

Hello everyone!!
Today I want to bring you some new decorations, in this case, decorations made 
of cardboard.
Some, we can just make them by ourselves by buying the stuff we need, and others
we can buy the set and then just put all the pieces together at home.
Such decorations are great, since they are not expensive and they can be recycled
once we stop using.

When I started to be really interested in this material, is when I saw something which
caught my attention. It was a baby crib made in cardboard.
At the beginning I thought it was an off idea, I thought that maybe if I was a mom 
I would not want one of these for my baby, but then I found out they are completely
safe, and obviously much cheaper than the standard ones, so I convinced myself that
they were a great idea that I must show on my blog.

The baby crib is this one.

White baby crib made in cardboard..
After this version, the company released another one, with some dots decoration, 
which is really cute.
Colorful dots on a baby crib made with cardboard.
Baby crib.
The price os this item is 69 Euros, which is a very rational one, and we can find it it
the Little Fashion Gallery shop.
It´s really easy to put it together.

After seeing this idea, I wanted to find other decorations made in the same material.
I found several ones that are really original, and I want to share them with you.

Decorations in cardboard
Dear head made in reusable carton.
Beautiful cuckoo clock made with cardboard and painted in white.
Cardboard platter used for holding sweets.
Desk and chair made of cardboard for a kid enjoyment. 
Cactus made with several slices of cardboard. 
White cardboard sheep perfect for decorating a corner in our home.
Timber for firewood made ​​of boards and painted in white.
Cute and small guitar made with cardboard,  so the small ones can play with it, 
without being worried if they will damage it.
Cardboard letter for decorating a table, a bedroom, a wall etc...
In this case they are using washi tape on top of the white painting.
This is the result of the last picture.
Christmas tree made with cardboard.
Easy put together cardboard chair for kids.
These are some of the ideas that I could find.
The decorations are endless and the cardboard furniture are being  increasingly used for
decorating homes, or other places such as shops.
The spanish clothes designer, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada has incorporated this kind of
pieces for the decoration in her stores. Actually she designs some of them by herself.
Pink armchair in a heart shape made in cardboard and designed by ARDLP.
Chairs and tables with a heard shape, made all in cardboard, and designed by ARDLP.
In this case they are being used in one of her many shops.

Table, chairs and armchairs made of cardboard with ARDLP designs.
More ARDLP designs on cardboard.
And this is all for today. Hope you have enjoyed it!!

You can visit our shop online at while you wait for the next post!!

See you soon!!

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