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Decorating with lanterns


Hello everyone!
How was your weekend? I've been in Montreal, Canada, and they were a lovely days.

Today I am bringing some decoration ideas with lanterns.
These lanterns are beautiful, there are thousands of designs, colors, sizes, etc. .. 
and they give to any corner or place a good twist.
They look great during the day, but better at night when we turn them on.

I´ve got some at home and I love them, so if you don´t have yours yet you can visit our
webpage where you can find beautiful ones

Now I want to show you some ideas of where to place them, for what we can use them 
and how to accessories them.

On the table
 Using them as a centerpiece at a wedding, is an idea that have never crossed my mind,
but the fact is that it looks great.
These silver lanterns are just fabulous.
The contrast with the rustic wood table is great.
A big lantern like this one is the only thing we need to decorate our table at home.
These are definitely my favorite ones, and in this garden they look phenomenal.
It gives an elegant touch to a decor which is not too chic.
Table next to the sea illuminated with several type of lanterns.
They create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

In the living room
Lanterns hanged from the ceiling in white at the living room.
Large lantern placed on the living room floor next to a couch.
This idea is good if you don´t have plenty of space.
Also along with the fireplace it creates a cozy atmosphere.
In this case we have two types of lanterns.
Two medium size one in white, placed on the coffee table,
and two metal one hanging from the ceiling.
The combination is unbeatable.
Big size lantern placed on a beautiful coffee table in a lovely living room.
In the garden
Red lanterns hanging from the tree branches.
In this case we have lanterns everywhere, and the result is great.
If you are lucky enough to be able to hang them from a tree, do it, and if not,
you can also  placed on the floor or on the table.
In this case we have two big size lanterns hanging over the dining table.
Who would not want to have a place like that?

For decorating at home and other ideas

Lanterns with a vintage look which decorates a table of the house along
with other objects.
Christmas- In this case we have a large lantern used as a Christmas decoration
 by putting light and balls inside.
I think it´s very original yet elegant.

Zen modern Lanterns to help you relax in your
favorite corner.
Also used to decorate in a different way, by adding a plant inside them.
Lanterns placed at the edge of a swimming pool with spa circuits.
Helps increase the relaxing atmosphere.
Great lanterns on the floor against the wall. The contrast between the white
 walls  and the black color of the lanterns is gorgeous.
Beautiful Christmas decorated staircase with
white lanterns if different sizes but with a same shape.
The result is exquisite.
In this case the ladder is not as spectacular as the previous one,
but in a rustic atmosphere they look also phenomenal.
Lanterns that decorates the dining room of a beautiful house.
We go back again to the Christmas decoration that I love so much.
It´s a very original idea to place the lanterns under the tree and next
to the present.
Also it looks fantastic with the silver Christmas balls in it.

And these house-tin lanterns?
for decorating the table during Christmas.
Red lanterns places over the chimney to decorate in Christmas.
We travel into the summer, and lanterns of different sizes placed
on the terrace makes us improve our good mood
every time you lean out and contemplate the sea. 
Ibiza-staircase decorated with lanterns.
At night, in a house in Ibiza and with these lanterns
must be lovely.
Cute little house lanterns for decorating the countertop of the fireplace or
the window one in the bedroom.
Very original and cute Halloween decor using black lanterns with pumpkin inside them.
So what do you think about the idea of using these lanterns for decorating or house and events?

I hope you have enjoyed my post!!

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See you soon!

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