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Decorating with ropes

Hello everyone!! How was the saturday?
Finally I am translating my last post into English, I don´t have much
time recently, but I think this idea is really cute, so I want to share this ideas with
my English speaker followers.

The truth is that in the world of decoration almost anything is possible, and in this case 
we see how a few simple ropes can create a very  gorgeous and lovely decor.

I do not what to make you wait any longer, so here are my ideas for this post.

For the staircase
Stair railings created with ropes.
Metal bars semi covered by ropes.
Palm rest made with a wide brown rope.
Palm rest made in this case with a thinner white rope.
In the bedroom
Beautiful medium size bed, hanging and holding from the ceiling with ropes.
I love the idea and the look of this room.
Elegant room where the beds are hanging from the ceiling too
but in this case this fact makes the rest of the décor
look less serious, so is a great mix.
In the bathroom
Round mirror placed in the bathroom, decorated with ropes.
The result is beautiful.
Beautiful towel hanger made with a small portion of rope
and connected on the extremes making a circle shape.
The result is really original.

Living room

Original lamp wrapped in natural color rope.
Large portions of rope placed under a glass table
decorating it in a perfect way.

Very original lamp made with ropes.
The combination between the lamp and the old case is great, giving the
living room a vintage look.
Kitchen and its accessories

Fruit bold made with thin ropes.
Coasters decorated with ropes around them.
Lamps hanging from the ceiling,over the kitchen counter,
with thick ropes.
Platinum pitcher with a rope hanger.
Decoration and accessories
Curtains hanging from the metal stick by using thin ropes.

Vases and glasses decorated in a maritime style, using
shells, starfish and sand beach with ropes around the vases.
Coaster and placemats made with thin ropes.
Cute door holder made with ropes.
Beautiful shelve made and hold with ropes.
Candles decorated with ropes placed around them which
also works as a candle holder.
I think this is the idea I like best.
This table is just exquisite, really cute. It looks like the old things used for 
selling the thread, but in this case the thread has been replaced with ropes.
Closer look to the table in the last picture.
Piece of wood hanged from the ceiling, and used
as a plant shelve.
Other decorations using ropes.
What do you think of these ideas? I think they are very original, also we can make them by ourselves, so we can save some money.

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See you soon!

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