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Boards for seating the guests
Hi everybody,
It's June, and this means that the wedding season has started!! That is why today
I want to show you some ideas of how to decorate the boards for seating the guests.

For those couples, or brides (since we are the ones that who end up doing almost
everything) who are willing to avoid those traditional decorations, today I am bringing a
few original ideas to use in your special day.
They can be used both for traditional weddings, and for those vintage type,
rustic, outdoors, day, night etc ... You just need to choose the most appropriate one
for your case.

I hope you like them and you can get inspired!!

Cards with the guests name and the table number, hung
on a rope with a small wooden clamp.
This idea is perfect for an outdoor wedding, rustic or vintage.
In this case there is no board.
For an outdoor wedding, they have used some classifiers drawers, where
the guests must look for their name.
Something good about this method is, that you don´t know
with who you will be sharing the table until you sit at it.
This board despite of being a little bit confusing, is very original and 
easy to make.
You just need some nails and strings to assign
each guest to their table number.
This panel is really cute, but maybe I would take those flowers away.
Using some burlap fabric, and cards for placing the names, hanging
from wooden pegs, makes this panel just beautiful and
perfect for any kind of wedding.

In this case they wanted a less formal wedding.
This board is based on using recycled paper bags where they have
written the names of the guests.
It is ideal for an outdoor wedding.
In this case the names are arranged directly in the centerpieces.
The result is really nice, but maybe it can become a little
bit confusing for the guests to find their seat.

This panel seems lovely.
The background itself is very cute. They placed the names on 
beautiful cards hung with the help of colorful
thumbtacks which gives the final touch to the whole board.
It loos delicate and elegant at the same time.
This board looks similar to the ones used traditionally, but
they made it more cute by adding the wooden clamps, and using
a beautiful white fabric.
Rectangular blackboard used for writing the names and the table number
for the guests.
The antique stand creates a perfect combination.
For a vintage wedding, or for craft lovers, this idea of

using recycled paper labels to place the
guests number is beautiful. Also you can take your name back to home.
This idea is really cute and funny.
For a beachy wedding is just perfect.
Let´s continue with the beach theme.
In this case the lists are placed in the entrance of the dressing tents, which
we can normally find at the beach.

Beautiful tree placed inside where the cards with the guests names are 
hanging from its branches.
The idea is very original and the result is beautiful and elegant, but it 
can be a bit cumbersome.
For those who would like to use the washi tape also on their
wedding day, here is one idea.
This cute board made with burlap, and decorated with antique
thread and labels, is gorgeous.
I personally love this idea.
Using a window or door glass for writing the names of the guests,
is perfect for any type of wedding celebration.
This idea is very similar to the previous one, but in this case the 
names are written in red.

The theme of this wedding is a  New York style.
In this case an old suitcase is in charge of
holding the guest list.
Here we have two very original ideas which are very different from each other.
In the left image, we can see how each table is represented with a small
piece of wood where the cards with the names are placed.
In the second picture, each plants holds a small paper flag with the name
of each guest.
Both are great, but maybe I would go for the second one.
While you search for your table, you can enjoy a delicious
drink like this one.
This idea is perfect for outdoors wedding, with a vintage/rustic style.
And finally if you do not want to spend too much deciding where to seat
 each guest, because it often happens that some of them end up not being 
happy with the people at their table,you can use this "pick your seat" method, 
so they can decide with who they want to share your special day. 
Hope you have enjoyed the ideas!!

See you soon, and meanwhile you can check our shop online! www.twcshop.com.

Have a nice day!

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