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Decorating with Burlap

Hello everybody!
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
Today I want to show you some decoration with a fabric that I´m really into it.
"The Burlap"

A little bit of it´s history
I'm sure we're all familiar with this type of fabric, but maybe not with the name,
so I'm sure when you see it in the picture I am going to show you, you will know
perfectly what I am talking about.

I want to explain a little of it´s history first, because I always find interesting knowing
some facts about the things I have between my hands.

Hessian or burlap ( In the US and Canada) is a woven fabric usually made from
skin of the jute plant or sisal fibres.
Hessian is often used to make sacks and bags to ship goods like coffee beans.
It´s very durable, it also protects the goods from getting wet, and it´s also used in the
construction industry.
Nowadays is being used for decoration accessories too.

Examples of using burlap for decoration
Small tablecloths made with this fabric.
They are very original and handy.
Table runner for a day time event.
The detail of picking it up at the end with 
a small loop is very original.
In this case is also being used for a day time event, but instead of decorating
the tables, it´s decorating the guests chairs.
This table runner might not be as elegant as the other one, but it looks pretty
for an informal lunch or dinner.
Round burlap tablecloth-great for christmas meal
or any other meal celebration.
Small tablecloth with Mr Moustache.
Who doesn´t want to have this one at home?
Beautiful tablecloth with layers design
made with burlap.
Chairs and sofas
Small armchairs covered with this fabric.
Dining chairs covered with burlap.
It looks really unique and original.
Beautiful chair covered with different colors of burlap.

Bedcloth made with burlap material.
Linen and burlap cushions.
The entire set is really good.
Burlap curtains in orange
Short curtains for dining room, made with this fabric, and
decorated with letters.
Natural color look, burlap curtains.
Original and cute cushion, made with cotton and burlap.
Beautiful cushion with spectacular flower, made ​​both with
the same material.
Beautiful burlap cushion with Eiffel Tower decoration, and frenchie woman, 
made with burlap fabric
(We have this exactly same one in our shop online www.twcshop.com)
This beautiful and cheerful cushion, made with burlap and decorated with Parisian postcard,
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Other decorations
Cute flowers made with burlap.
You can use them also for decorating a jacket.
Door decoration made with small pieces of burlap.
Table for hanging notes and photos made ​​with burlap.
It's a good idea to use it in an office.
Cute bridal bouquet made with burlap.

Polka dots burlap bags.
They are very cute, and they can be used for example,
for keeping the rice in a wedding.
Candles decorated with burlap fabric.
Flower-shaped napkin holder made ​​in this material.
Plant vase wrapped with burlap fabric.
The result can´t be more beautiful.
Nest with burlap fabric.
Christmas socks.
Cute pennants made in burlap fabric.
It´s a lovely idea, for a vintage or rustic wedding.
Nowadays they are being very used for this
kind of events.

These are just a few ideas of what you can make with a burlap fabric, but there are
many more, you just have to use a little bit your imagination.

I hope you have enjoyed the post today!!
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See you soon!!

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