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Today the post is going to be about those furnitures that gives us such a good service- The Nightstands.

For me they are a living essential. I always use them for putting a glass of water, the phone, and a good book.
But not always is easy to find "the one", or we might think we´ve found it and later we realize it´s too big for the spot we were thinking of.

So that´s why today I am going to show very original ideas for all kind of situations

Here we go! Hope you enjoy it

Who thought that birdhouses are not in style anymore, or they were just used for what we thought they were meant to?
Right now they are trendy, you can find those ones in brown so later you can decorate them, or you can buy them already with a design.
So in this occasion we are going to use them as a nightstand, thinking of a situation where we might not have enough space for something else (and putting our things on the floor is not an option)

Bird house as a nightstand in white.
In this case the house is attached to the wall.
By the way, in our shop online www.twcshop.wazala.com you can find bird houses that you can decorate by yourself, and those already handmade by us!

Nightsand-Luggage cases
In this case a few old luggage cases set one over the other, makes a very original nightstand.

Nightstand constructed with LV luggages.
In this case they added a mirror on top of them to gain some stability. 
Nighstands and little space
If our problem is the space, I think I got some ideas that will might help you.

This original furniture is a very practical one.Who needs a whole one when you can just get the essentials?
If our case is that we have enough space for a nightstand but not for keeping other stuff
we might want to combine both, and a shelve like in the picture is a gret idea.
This idea is so original. If our space is really reduced and only an ironing table will fit there, 
why not use this cuttie for our purpose?
In this case a folding table is a great idea too, so when we need the space we can just remove it easily.
Vintage nightstands 
As you might know, now old means trendy, and in decoration is more of the same.
Obviously they must be in a good shape.

For example and old wood ladder works perfectly as a nightstand, and apart from being a 
very original idea we get a lot of space to put things.
On the right picture we see a smaller ladder ( I just love the idea) and on our right side we can see and old
trash bin as our table.
This is the same idea, but in this case we are using a higher ladder so we can also keep more stuff.
Impossible nightstands
Nowadays there are some designs that for me are just impossible. I would never be able 
to fit them in my house.
But even though I think I won´t get one of this, I really like watching them.

Nightstand in a S shape.
This one I am not sure how to describe it exactly, but is really original.
This one doesn´t have much of special, just I wanted to point it out because usually we always see
the tipycal nightstand with a square shape and a drawer, so I wanted to show you other options too.
This ones imitates a pile of books. Would you get one like this one?
And here are my tips for today.
Hope you liked them!

Also I wanted to share some goods news we have related to our shop online!
We´ve got many more cute things, specially the Iwaki rubbers coming directly from Japan.
Here I show you a picture of all the kinds of rubbers they exist.
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I really hope you enjoy checking our shop!

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