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Decoration with style

Ideas for decorating with a nice style

A few posts ago I gave you some ideas of how to decorate with recycled objects.
Today, the post is gonna be in the same line. I am going to show you very common 
objects that for sure we have at home, or we used to have, and how they can become a cute decoration piece for our homes.

Lately I´ve been trying to find a good teapot which matched my expectations, and finally I made it!
So initially I was going to use this post to show you how to recycle old teapots, but finally I decided to introduced other pieces too.

Hope you enjoy it!

Teapots are gorgeous, specially the old ones, though today we can find very good ones too, inspired by the look of those antiques.
If you have one at home which is broken, or you just have a new one and the old one is left in a closet, don´t throw it or forget about it, you can use it for many other things.

For example this one looks great as a flower vase
Or this ones are great for planting flowers next to the window
Also to decorate the stair´s railing is a great idea
Inside home, we can use them for hanging our jewerly or kitchen accesories.
In this case the idea is very cute. The teapot and everything are set inside a frame.
This idea is a little bit more difficult for DIY,but don´t  you think that is a great lamp?
Or as I said, if you have one at home that is replaced by a newer one, you can use it as a decoration.
There are so many ideas for recycling them, but I am going to leave you with this ones for the moment.

Now I want to show you other recycled objects and their new functionality.

Curious decorations
Watering can-In this case one old watering can does a great job as a flower vase.
I think that as a centerpiece it would look great.
This idea is not too exquisite, but for sure it was done with a lot of imagination.
Using clothes hangers for hanging the kitchen paper is great.
This dipper look really old, I remember seeing them at my grandpa´s house, and I Always 
thought they were beautiful.
In my case I would keep using them as what they are, but if you prefer to use them as something else
this idea is not bad at all.
A bike wheel as old as the one in the picture, is difficult to use it for something else than for hanging some pictures
and notes, but the idea is smart.
This bathroom is incredible for me.The idea of the bike holding the sink is great, and
the hand towels kept in the basket is just awesome.
This cute little chair is constructed on a old luggage case, and I wish I have one like that.
A tray made from a wine bottle box is very smart and it looks incredible.
This coffee table set on a lifeboat is awesome too.
I think I already showed you this idea, but I like it so much that I am going to show it again today.
A cute flowers inside our old HUNTER is a very original idea.
The case of a spaish guitar works perfectly as a  book shelf.
An iron table as beautiful as this one, would be a shame if we don´t set it somewhere in our house where 
we can show it and people can look at it.
A whole wall decorated with old doors is a great idea to give our house a different look.
Here I use the luggage case again.They are so beautiful that I can not resist them.
I wouldn´t mind at all having a nightstand as cute as this one. 
So what did you think about the post today?
I really hoped you have enjoyed it!

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