martes, 23 de abril de 2013

Decorating with Stars

Stars ☆☆☆
Today I´m bringing you a post full of stars.

Normally when Christmas comes, we decorate our homes, and using stars
as a part of that decoration is quite normal.
But after Christmas is done and all the stuff is gone too, we go back to our
normal decoration, so today what I want to introduce you is the idea of using
stars during the whole year, since they are beautiful and they fit really well
almost everywhere.

Hope you like it!!

Stars in the living room
This big blue star hanged on the white wall looks great as it contrast with the color of the wall.
Also it combines very well with the color of the furnitures.
So the result is great.
In this case the big mustard star goes perfect in this small living room, and 
those cushion in the same color are a great idea.
This blue and silver medium size stars are great.Since they are smaller we can use
several at the same time, and always using colors that combines with the rest of the furniture.
As you can see in this three pictures, the stars are a perfect piece for decorating the 
living room,but also try to relate the colors of them with the colors of the rest of the 
things you have.
Also big stars are better to be used alone, while smaller ones can go perfectly with several more.

Stars in the kitchen
Wood stars hanging on the kitchen, it gives a vintage beautiful look.
Big red star on the wall of the kitchen.Since it´s a small kitchen this big star 
gives a fresh cool look, no need of more things.
Stars in the bathroom
This cute white wood star is perfect for this vintage inspiration bathroom.
Stars in the bedroom
In this case the wall paper is decorated with pink stars. It´s a great idea for
a baby room, since the colors are soft.
This metal grey star is great for a room for someone who likes minimalist deco.
And the lights around it just improves the look.
Cute small grey star on a studio desk-Just great.
In this case the color of the stars are a little bit darker than in the babie´s room, so
it fits better for a more grown up girl.

Stars in the dining room
This big black star on a white wall looks great, and it combines perfectly with 
the rest of the accessories in the room.
Other places with stars
Cute table set with stars, perfect for a Christmas dinner as for any other occasion.
Hanger in a metal yellow star shape.
White stars next to the white smokestack looks perfect.
Stars in the game room.
Stars on the stairs just looks great.
Stars hanged on the window.
Coasters in a star shape are a great idea to be used for setting a candle with the same
color on.
Brick wall decorated with stars in a ground color.
And this is all for today, hope you´ve enjoyed it!!

See you soon!!!
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