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Decorating with wheels
Hi everybody!
First of all,I want to apologize for my delay on updating the Blog in it´s English version,
but these days I´ve been quite busy with our new shop online and with the
preparation of some of the orders we´ve received.

But now let´s focus on the post today.
I´ve I said several times already, there are many things which we can use as 
a piece of decoration once we modify them a little bit.
I am refering to very common things that we use every day but we could never imagine
seeing them at our house, like in our bedroom, living room or even in the bathroom.

So today I am bringing you one of those things!!

Like two weeks ago I bought my first car, and this fact helped me to get inspired for this
post, and now you are going to know why.

Hope you enjoy it!

Decorating with wheels
If someone tell us that our car wheels would look great in our living room, we 
would think that he or she is crazy. But actually they are not! It´s a genious idea
and from now on I am going to show you how those tires can look great in our cozy home.

This picture shows the decoration of a bar made exclusively with car wheels.
As we can see, the chairs,the tables, and even the lamps are made with tires.
The result is incredible right?
This restroom is using the wheels to surround the sink.
I think it´s a great idea, but it would look perfect
for a bar.
In this case the wheels are used in the inside of a house.
We can see two examples. One on the right side of the picture as a small table, 
and the other one on the left side of the picture as another small table.
I think this idea is perfect for a single guy.
This cute flower bases are made with tires.
Wheels as flowers bases.
Since they painted them in different colors, it might be difficult
to tell that those were tires, but by doing that and adding
some plants the result is inrecible.
Other type of wheels as decoration
This wood wheels are perfect for decorating a wall like the one in the picture.
This idea is a bit more complicated to make by ourselves, but this wall clock looks great.
In this case they didn´t use just the tires for decorating, but the whole bicycle.
If we have a garden this a perfect piece. A cute old bicycle like the one in the picture is
a perfect object for decoration, and also we can add some plants and the result is very cute.
In this case the bicycle is used as an inside decoration, and I think it´s a brilliant idea.
The bicycle itself is already a beautiful piece, and the place where it´s set is just perfect.
I am going to write down this idea for the future
Also the wheels can be used for decorating our little garden.
Or for creating a table.
This old ones are also incredible, they make a perfect unique table.
And this is all for today. Hope you´ve enjoyed reading it.
Now I am going back to work on the shop. I really expect you like the changes we are
Here is the new website! Please take a look at it!

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