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Week around the World-Seoul

Today we are going to stay in South Korea still, and I am going to bring you to a very
special coffee shop- The Hello Kitty cafe.

Hello Kitty is a popular japanese fictional character as we know, but Seoul is 
the place where I am bringing you today, though I don´t have any doubt that some
place like this one might exist in Japan too.

The Hello Kitty cafe, is located in Hongdae street in Seoul. This street is known 
for hosting many cute restaurants, shops as well as coffee shops, so it´s a very busy street.

Hello Kitty Café
View of the HK cafe from outside.As you can tell, it´s difficult to skip it if you are walking
on that street.
This is the counter we see when we enter the cafe. We can choose the sweet
dessert we want to have.
We can not see very well the menu in the picture, but as far as I know, this place
is not too pricy.
Anyway, as it happens in other places like this one, here what they are really selling, 
is the concept, the design and the atmosphere, so we can not expect very high
quality food.
This is the ringer we get once we make our order, and when this is ready it will vibrate.
Hello Kitty´s face is also on the cream of the coffee.
The shape of the waffle (though here is difficult to appreciate it) is
has also
the HK´s face.
Sweets with HK´s face
HK on the dish
Inside of the coffee shop.
The windows inside the cafe also have the HK´s head shape.
More Hello Kitty decoration.
The couches backrest also has the shape of the cat.
In the bathroom we can also find more decorations.

Mirror with her head shape.
Toilet, doors, and dryer with more decoration.
Also there is a small shop inside the coffee place where we can buy some souveniers.

Some fact about Hello Kitty
- Hello Kitty doesn´t have a mouth. This is because the designers thought that in this 
way people could project their own feeling when they look at her. So if you feel sad 
and you look at her, you will see she is sad too, and when you are happy if will 
work in the same way.

-Another curiosity is the existence of an urban legend that around the creation of the 
character. In the 70s there was a girl of 14 who was in terminal phase mouth cancer. 
The doctors had said there was no hope for the girl, and her mom, Ikaka Shimizu, tried
anything to saved her. She went to all churches, cult etc, but she didn´t get any result, 
so she introduced to the Satanism and ended up making a pact with the devil. She
introduced him to the girl, and promised to create a world famous brand if he could
help her save her child. The Devil fulfilled his part and so the mom did, and that is how
Hello Kitty was born.

-Birthday: November 1st 1974.
-Blood type: A.
-Place of birth: London suburbs.
-Height: 5 apples.
-Weight: 3 apples.
-She is good at : Baking cakes.
-Favorite food: Apple cake made by her mom (Mary).
-Favorite word: Friendship.
-She colletct: Small and cute things such as candy,stars and colorful fishes.
-Favorite subjects:English and music.
-Description: A cheerful and kind small cat.

And this is all for today. Hope you have enjoyed my post, and if some day you have 
the chance to visit Seoul, don´t miss this cafe, even though you are not a big fan of HK
I am sure is worth visiting.

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