lunes, 29 de abril de 2013

Smeg lovers♡♡

Today, in my post I am going to talk about this famous brand.
Maybe for some of you it doesn´t sound familiar at all, and for those who knows,
I am sure you are gonna love this post.

The history
SMEG is the popular brand which produces the famous 50´s style fridges.
This fridge are famous for their shape.They have 1 or 2 compartments
and they have round corners.
They were born around the 1950´s in Guastalla, Regio Emilia, Italy.
Vittorio Bertazzoni was the founder of the company, and nowadays this one is still
under the Bertazzoni´s family control.
SMEG stands for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla.

The SMEG are one of the most famous fridges around the world, appearing in several 
Hollywood movies or tv shows like 7 Vidas in Spain.
In the image we can not appreciate it well, but it´s in the living room in blue.
SMEG at home
Nowadays, this company is still working, and apart from this "round corners" fridges 
that they are still producing since people love them, they have other more modern line.

Without any doubt one of this pieces are unique, and they give the kitchen a 
completely new style also because we can choose between many colors and
different designs.

But as any other piece like this one, their price is high... more that 1000Eu,
but we are talking about a long term piece, so at the end it´s worth spending
that amount of money.
I would like to get one in the future, what about you?

Here I am going to leave you some pictures so you can imagine how it would look
in your kitchen.

SMEG in white

SMEG in pink

SMEG in red

SMEG in light green

SMEG in yellow

SMEG in blue

SMEG in black

More about SMEG
Apart from the colors above, they are many more and also others with special designs.
SMEG with the Italian flag.
SMEG in dark blue and green.
SMEG with the FCB design.

SMEG with colorful stripes.
SMEG with different clubs designs.

And this is all for today.
Hope you liked the post and if one day you can, get one of this for your home!

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See you soon!!

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